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Five Tips to Keep Workplace Productivity High While Relocating Office

Relocating office can be a challenging time for any business due to downtime and reduced productivity. However, there are ways to reduce these impacts and to keep your workplace productivity high throughout the entire moving process; here’s how: 1. Involve … Continue reading

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Looking for jobs in New Zealand is easy

Do you like to create a video? Do you have talent to make a video creative? Are you looking for a job that helps your creativity shines? Why not apply here online video production? You can make money and at … Continue reading

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A helicopter flying low by our pond

There are times that we see helicopter flying by above our house. We live close to the power lines. I think it is the power lines company owned the helicopter. It looks so cool looking at this powerful machine on … Continue reading

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Where to buy affordable prescription or geek eyeglasses

I just turned 39 years old last Christmas. I notice that my eyes start to bother me. I do not wear any eyeglasses. I am using the computer usually because of my online job. There are times that I use … Continue reading

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The husband wants to buy a remote starter for our car

Winter just started a week ago. We had our first winter snow storm two days ago. He wants to buy a remote starter for my Chevrolet Malibu car. He has a remote starter in his truck. He just presses a … Continue reading

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Meet two fire fighters heroes in person

A hero comes along and you never expect when it happens. My kids meet these two fire fighters heroes outside the Home Depot last weekend. October is fire safety month. It is perfect to pay respect to heroes like these … Continue reading

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Free computers to use at the dentist clinic

Our old dentist clinic is moved to this new place. I know that I should schedule my teeth cleaning so I can visit the new dentist clinic that my husband is talking about. I have never been to this new … Continue reading

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United with friends from Chicago

This is my husband’s long time friend Mr. B and his kids. They live in Chicago, Illinois. My husband and Mr. B work together when they were teenager. They both work in construction. They worked from Virginia and Texas. Mr. … Continue reading

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Plan of having a home improvement?

Is your husband a workaholic like mine? Does your husband is planning to have another home improvement? Is your garage needs a make-over? Do you want to build another garage? I do not think we need a new garage yet. … Continue reading

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The husband wants a fax machine

He needs a fax machine so bad. He needs it for his paper work from work. He was looking for one that is the best. I hope he can buy the one he wants. Do you have a fax machine? … Continue reading

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