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This subway train ticket brings back many memories

I keep my subway train ticket from our New York City trip with my girl friends. It brings so much memories. It might sound stupid but who cares, right? I like to collect simple things and this is one of … Continue reading

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Planning to open a hotel

Owning a hotel is a wonderful business to have. Tourists always need a hotel during their vacation. They need a hotel that is cozy like their own house. They also need a hotel where they can relax after a tiring … Continue reading

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Trolley your best transportation to tour around Niagara Falls State Park

My family is very grateful to The Duarte’s family for the free Niagara Falls escapades they shared to us during their summer vacation in the East Coast. They are family from Wisconsin who drove 2,000 miles to visit the amazing … Continue reading

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How to get stay fit right in your home

I was so skinny when I first came to America. I only weight 88 pounds. I am not anorexic at all. I am just skinny but look healthy. I do miss my weight. I gain weight for the last ten … Continue reading

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My husband bought a new SD card

He has an outdoor camera that is hang on one of the trees on the backyard. It can take a picture of the deer or animal that visit’s the backyard especially at night when everyone is sleeping. I have the … Continue reading

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Where to send or receive money remittance

This is my daughter while back in the Philippines last month. We are inside at the Mhuillier pawn shop. I did not pawn anything.  We were there to send money remittance to a friend’s sister that lives in the province. This … Continue reading

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My little traveler

I am so proud of my little traveler. She was so behave and cooperate during our travel to the Philippines. I am so thankful that she is listening to what I told and advises her. The moment she sits on … Continue reading

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A unique way to hire a taxi

This amazed me when I was in the Philippines. This is in the County Village, the hotel that my daughter and I stayed while in the Philippines. The hotel has this taxi sign outside their entrance. The siren will lights … Continue reading

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We moved to a new bank

We moved to a new bank We used to have HSBC bank for a very long time. The Key bank buys the company from them. All the clients from HSBC bank are now move to Key bank. The transfer was … Continue reading

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Kauai real estate in Hawaii your best place to look for a property

Hawaii is a big beautiful island. It is a tropical island that attracts tourist all over the world. I have a cousin that lives there. She is from my father’s side. She sent me pictures of her and her beautiful … Continue reading

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