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What is wrong with my Samsung camera

I just used two days ago. Now it will not turn on. I even charge it but still nothing happen. I love my Samsung camera. I bought it from a fellow blogger like me. It has been two years since … Continue reading

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Shopping on our wedding anniversary

Who does not wants to go shopping? Ever woman loves to go shopping, right? It was the day of our tenth year wedding anniversary. I went shopping to the mall. I went to different stores looking for gifts to buy … Continue reading

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Cooling off at the mall

My husband has driven me nuts recently. Instead of fighting with him, I just drove the car. Guess where did I go? I went to the mall to go shopping. Transit road’s traffic is driving me insane. Yet, I keep … Continue reading

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How electronic payments save time and energy for everybody

My husband sometimes asks me to pay the bills online. I like electronic payments because it is very easy to pay our debts online. You receive confirmation for your records. It saves also stamps and times than sending payment through … Continue reading

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is my newest credit card from Victoria’s Secret, they call it “Angel”, how cute is that and of course it is pink. Who ladies here that do not like Victoria’s Secret? What I love Victoria’s Secret products are….there bras, undies, … Continue reading

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