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Finally the iPad screen is fix

My son dropped the iPad few months ago. The iPad still working. The screen is broken. It needs to get fix. The side screen is broken. The kids still use it but I told them to be extra careful. I … Continue reading

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My little girl is now hook to playing Mine Craft games on her Nook

I admit I do not like to play games in my laptop, iPad or in my Nook. My friends from my Facebook drive me nuts when they send me request about games. Please stop sending me games request because I … Continue reading

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Is the iPad screen replaceable?

I did not know what happen to the iPad. All I know is that I use it this morning. It was fine. I bet my son dropped the iPad. I noticed that he went to the garage this morning to … Continue reading

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I need a wireless keyboard for my iPad

I have an iPad that I bought two (2) years ago. I have used it for a while now especially my kids. It is such a beautiful gadget for them. They can learn at the same time having fun with … Continue reading

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Bought a replacement iPad charger

My original iPad charger that comes in the box when we first bought the iPad is broken. It will not charge anymore. My son is the one who uses the iPad all the time. Sometimes he charges roughly that it … Continue reading

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Wireless keyboard for my iPad

I am glad that my iPad is finally paid off. It was interest free for six months. We get paid the iPad not even six months. My kids like to use the iPad. They usually play games with the iPad. … Continue reading

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Free computers to use at the dentist clinic

Our old dentist clinic is moved to this new place. I know that I should schedule my teeth cleaning so I can visit the new dentist clinic that my husband is talking about. I have never been to this new … Continue reading

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My desktop computer is finally fix

I do not know what takes me so long to fix the desk top. I really thought that the CPU is totally damage that is why the computer is not working. I was wrong with my thoughts. The wires inside … Continue reading

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Applying a credit card

I applied a Wal-Mart credit card to use to buy for my iPad. I can pay the entire amount if I want too but I just want a credit card from Wal-Mart. I was very surprised that you can apply … Continue reading

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Finally I have an iPad

I was not planning to buy an iPad as I have my lap top. Big Lots store has a sale about tablet this weekend. I was planning to buy it for my son. He likes to use my lap top … Continue reading

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