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A new trailer for my husband’s ATV

It is that time of the season again where my husband will go hunting and trapping. He is very excited as usual. He asked permissions from several farmers’ in the neighborhood to trap. I am so happy for him. He … Continue reading

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Easter egg hunting

This was 2010 at their Aunt’s house. My sister-in-law invited us for an Easter dinner at her house. The kids had an Easter egg hunting on her front yard. It was a beautiful afternoon that time. The kids had a great … Continue reading

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Drop the deer to the taxidermy

My husband drops the deer to the taxidermy. How I wish that the kids and I eat the venison meat. I am sure that we will have many venisons meats. My husband will share the venison meat to his co-workers … Continue reading

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How do you keep your deer mounted clean

We have the four deer mounted on our family room. This is my husband’s latest addition. We have the fireplace in the family room. It is chilly season that we use it often. I do vacuum everyday. I am not sure how does you … Continue reading

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Apply for a hunting license

My husband went to Wal-Mart to apply for his hunting license. He usually does it over the phone. This time since he needed it so bad, he has to go to the store. He paid $80 but that covers deer … Continue reading

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Looking for a new bow

It is almost time to hunt again. My husband is planning to buy a new bow. He loves hunting so much. The bow he had always needs to fix. He hates that every hunt opening. He needs to align a … Continue reading

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Making A Closet In The Garage

When my hubby got home yesterday from work. Usually he will go to bed as he work midnight this week. The back of his truck is full of load of ply wood. He told me the other day that he … Continue reading

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Turkey Hunting Opening

My husband is a hunter. He learns that from his dad, my father-in-law. He hunts at a young age. I am sure that my son who is eight years old will a hunter too like his daddy and grandfather. Today … Continue reading

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