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Bought a replacement HDMI cable for the Blu-ray player

It was last month when my husband and our son play kick ball in the living room. They are pretending that they are playing hockey. My son plays a goalie. My husband tries to make a goal. Accidentally, he kicked … Continue reading

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What to give on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is almost here. Do you have a gift yet to the best Father in the world? I do not have a gift for my husband yet. We usually spend Father’s Day here in our house with the rest … Continue reading

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Bought some new pucks for the ice hockey

My husband bought two pucks for the hockey ice skating at the pond. The pond has ice now but it is not safe to play hockey ice skating. I know my kids are very excited to play hockey or ice … Continue reading

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My future basketball player

This was at Chucky E Cheese lasts Saturday. There are many games. My son loves to play the basketball. He is my left handed boy. I did not know that the ball is almost in the hoops. This is perfect shot for him. I … Continue reading

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He wants to buy a Buffalo Sabres flag

My husband wants to buy a Buffalo Sabres flag. He wants to put it on the flag pole by the pond. He asks me if he could take out the Philippines flag. I said sure, no problem. It is hockey … Continue reading

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A hockey stick and a pack

My son got this hockey stick and a pack on his 8th birthday. It was one of his birthday gifts. My husband’s eldest sister gave it to him. We watch hockey game on TV and my son will play hockey … Continue reading

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Football players wearing Pink for breast cancer awareness

It is so neat to watch football players wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. They have pink shoes, pink band, cap and some wear pink cloth that is hanging in the middle of their shorts. This is a great support from the … Continue reading

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Ice skating on her pink snow coat and pants

This is my entry for this weeks’ Pink Friday. This is my little ice skating by our pond. This was February of lasts year. She was four years old here. She was really good before the spring comes. We are … Continue reading

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Mellow Yellow Monday #2 Jet Ski

This is my second entry for the mellow yellow Monday. I saw two yellow Jet Ski by the river that day. How I wish we have the one. It looks so cool bouncing up with the waves. I always love … Continue reading

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Best Coverage with Hurricane Irene

I love to watch TV with my spare time. We are lucky that we have three TVs’ in our house.  You can watch TV in the kitchen, the family room and in the living room. The kids can watch their … Continue reading

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