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My new TJ Maxx credit card

This is the only credit card that I used. I always shop at TJ Maxx and finally apply for a new credit card. I am thinking it for a long time if I apply or not. I told my hubby … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my Samsung camera

I just used two days ago. Now it will not turn on. I even charge it but still nothing happen. I love my Samsung camera. I bought it from a fellow blogger like me. It has been two years since … Continue reading

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Guess how much money I rolled for all these coins?

My husband said that I cannot use our debit card. He just paid the mortgage and we are running low in our debit card. I need to buy grocery that day. My husband’s piggy bank is full. I decided to … Continue reading

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Wireless keyboard for my iPad

I am glad that my iPad is finally paid off. It was interest free for six months. We get paid the iPad not even six months. My kids like to use the iPad. They usually play games with the iPad. … Continue reading

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Bear stuff toys for her cousin

My husband drops me and my daughter at Kohl’s store yesterday afternoon. You will see these brown bears when you enter the store. It was sale for $2.50 each. It is usually $5 each bear or any stuff toy or … Continue reading

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Our Wii system is under repair

I bought new Wii games for my son. He was complaining that most of his Wii games are not working. I went to Game Shop store and look for pre-owned games. I do not want to buy him new games. … Continue reading

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How to pay off your debts

I grow up using cash every time I shop back in my home town. I have no clue about credit card and how it will help you. I guess I inherit it from my Dad that I am afraid owing … Continue reading

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Shopping on our wedding anniversary

Who does not wants to go shopping? Ever woman loves to go shopping, right? It was the day of our tenth year wedding anniversary. I went shopping to the mall. I went to different stores looking for gifts to buy … Continue reading

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Cooling off at the mall

My husband has driven me nuts recently. Instead of fighting with him, I just drove the car. Guess where did I go? I went to the mall to go shopping. Transit road’s traffic is driving me insane. Yet, I keep … Continue reading

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Keeping the check out faster

How often do you do your grocery shopping? I usually go to a store once a week. I have to make sure that I have an everything on my list before going to the check out counter. You can go … Continue reading

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