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Planning for a house project this spring?

My husband and I filed our income tax two weeks ago. We are waiting for our income tax return sometime this week. I hope that it will come in the mail very soon. The husband has plans on what to … Continue reading

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Somebody is cannot wait to learn how to drive

My little girl I went to church today. The big brother did not come with us. We attended the ten (10) morning mass. This is the schedule where the kids can join Sunday school.  The little girl needs to prepare … Continue reading

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Looking for jobs in New Zealand is easy

Do you like to create a video? Do you have talent to make a video creative? Are you looking for a job that helps your creativity shines? Why not apply here online video production? You can make money and at … Continue reading

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The golf cart steering wheel is broken

It was two (2) days ago when our old golf cart steering wheel is broken. I did not know it was broken at first. I was about to move it and my big K said that Daddy said you cannot … Continue reading

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Guess how much money I rolled for all these coins?

My husband said that I cannot use our debit card. He just paid the mortgage and we are running low in our debit card. I need to buy grocery that day. My husband’s piggy bank is full. I decided to … Continue reading

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My car needs an engine oil change

I love my car Chevrolet Malibu. It is different from my first car. It runs better than my first car as well. I am still learning functions of this car. Every time I turn on the key, I always check … Continue reading

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My lap top is under repair

I admit I missed using my lap top. It is very easy to use it than my desk top. I love how accessible it is to use than the desk top. I use it often in the family room and … Continue reading

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Received a Similac baby organizer at the doctor’s clinic

Yesterday was my schedule of my annual physical exam with my OBGYN. Honestly, I hate this kind of appointment. It makes me nervous every time I lay on that examining table. I am glad that my nurse practitioner try to … Continue reading

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The husband wants to buy a remote starter for our car

Winter just started a week ago. We had our first winter snow storm two days ago. He wants to buy a remote starter for my Chevrolet Malibu car. He has a remote starter in his truck. He just presses a … Continue reading

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I will have a tooth filling

I had my teeth cleaning last week. I hate going to the dentist to be honest. My appointment is nine months behind. I should go to the dentist every four months. I wasted two dentist appointments. I told you I … Continue reading

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