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Looking for best place to dine check out

Christmas is very far. Yet! I am looking for a perfect restaurant for my in-law’s to dine. They love to eat in the restaurant. It would be awesome if I could find the best restaurant for them to eat or … Continue reading

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Counting and rolling some coins

I told my kids that we will roll some coins. They were very helpful. The son likes the quarter because of the different States he can find on the back. He loves geography. The little girl likes to stack up … Continue reading

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The clouds and my car

This was three days ago that I took this picture. This is outside the Hong Kong buffet Chinese restaurant.  It poured rain for few minutes and we left the house that night. What a view this is.  It was Sunday … Continue reading

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My Mother-in-law received a new TV on her birthday

I missed my Mother-in-law’s birthday dinner lasts Saturday. The kids and I are at the park celebrating another birthday party. I ask the kids that we are going to Grandma’s birthday dinner at the restaurant. They do not want to … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Double Cheese burger and vanilla shake

I had coupons from McDonald’s and it is buy one takes one that I got in the mail. I bought the double cheese burger and vanilla shake. There are chocolate and strawberry shake but I picked Vanilla because it is … Continue reading

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What to see in your Australia tour

Australia is one beautiful tropical country. I have never been in Australia in my life. It is one of my favorite countries to visit someday. My eldest sister has been to Australia before. I also have a friend that lives … Continue reading

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Gay’s favorite place to make friends

Growing up, I see many gay around our neighborhood. They are fun to watch because they are very lively to talk too. I do not have the problem with gay people. I like them just like ordinary friends. I have … Continue reading

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Lunch date with my husband

My husband and I seldom have an alone time together. The kids are always in the way. Now that they are both in school, my husband and I can spend time together. Yesterday, was our first lunch date. We have … Continue reading

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Family Dinner At Apple Bees

The family had the dinner at Apple Bees restaurant. We dine at Apple Bees after skating. We had a two free dinners free and ordered kids food. My husband ordered steak, potato and salad. I had the pasta with shrimp. … Continue reading

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