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Kauai real estate in Hawaii your best place to look for a property

Hawaii is a big beautiful island. It is a tropical island that attracts tourist all over the world. I have a cousin that lives there. She is from my father’s side. She sent me pictures of her and her beautiful … Continue reading

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I love this white steam from the pond

I am an early riser. It does not matter if I go to bed late or early. I still wakes up early. What I love waking up in the morning is? This white steam that is from our pond. It … Continue reading

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The best help with emergencies

Houston is a beautiful city in Texas. I have never been to Houston but I have few friends that live there. It is a gorgeous place to visit during the winter to stay warm when it gets cold. It is … Continue reading

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Adding a drain by the backyard

When it rain, our backyard is like a river. The water from the neighbor’s field will run to our backyard. It is very frustrating to see that water every time it rain. We install a pipe and cover the edge … Continue reading

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Planning for a Hawaii cruise

Hawaii is one of my wildest dreams to visit. I have a first cousin from my father’s side that lives in Hawaii. She lived in Hawaii for over 20 years at least. We exchanged pictures once in a while. I … Continue reading

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