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Looking for best place to dine check out

Christmas is very far. Yet! I am looking for a perfect restaurant for my in-law’s to dine. They love to eat in the restaurant. It would be awesome if I could find the best restaurant for them to eat or … Continue reading

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Bought a replacement HDMI cable for the Blu-ray player

It was last month when my husband and our son play kick ball in the living room. They are pretending that they are playing hockey. My son plays a goalie. My husband tries to make a goal. Accidentally, he kicked … Continue reading

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Reel Weekend #8 Dear John

This is one of my favorite movies for 2010. When I watch the trailer, I told myself I want to have a copy and I did. I like the story. It is romantic and full of passion. I like the … Continue reading

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Wearing Smurfette winter hat

My little girl likes the Smurf movie. She likes Smurfette her favorite character in the movie. I went to Target store and saw this winter hat and gloves. I bought it right away. I know she will look adorable in … Continue reading

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Contagion movie # 1 in box office

I cannot wait to watch this movie. The movie is good and I love the main actor too. Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors. I have seen many of his movies. It is always good. My husband likes … Continue reading

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Baby Egg Fish

I never see any baby egg fish before until recently. There are millions of baby egg fish on the shore on our pond. I do not know what kind of baby fish they are. We have different kind of fish. … Continue reading

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