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How to get the cheapest insurance in California

My very first State that I step when I came in America is California back in 2002. I landed in San Francisco and since then my life has been changed for better. Leaving the Philippines with everything that I have … Continue reading

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I will have a tooth filling

I had my teeth cleaning last week. I hate going to the dentist to be honest. My appointment is nine months behind. I should go to the dentist every four months. I wasted two dentist appointments. I told you I … Continue reading

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Where to get the best car insurance quotes

I just got home from my three weeks vacation in the Philippines. My daughter and I had the best time during our vacation. It was a short vacation but it was well spent with my family. Usually, my daughter and … Continue reading

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Our new dental insurance card came in the mail

My husband ordered new dental insurance cards. He wants to change the old insurance card. I like the new design of the dental insurance card. It looks cleaner and durable. I am so thankful to my husband that we have … Continue reading

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An easy way to get a refill from your pharmacy

Yesterday my husband asks me to call the pharmacy for a refill for his medicine. I did call the pharmacy. I was very surprised that you can get a refill from the phone. It is very easy. All you do … Continue reading

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Want a resolution? What about a change for auto insurance

The New Year 2012 just started. Do you want a New Year’s Resolution? Did you just bought a new car? Are you looking for affordable car insurance for your new car? I know there are many car insurance available in … Continue reading

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Choosing advantage term life insurance is the best

People cannot live without insurance. It is our families’ health treasure.  Does your family has the insurance yet? If not please check out Find out what is perfect for you and your families perfect insurance. I am sure you … Continue reading

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Daddy and son’s ATV are both have insurance

I am glad that my husband called our insurance this morning. He added his ATV so as his son included in our vehicle insurance. I am very happy that they are cover if they have accident. It makes me happy … Continue reading

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Life insurance to protect your family

Life is so precious. We have to take care of our family while we still alive. The best way to do it is to have a guaranteed issue life insurance for them. It will give them a bright future especially … Continue reading

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Fixing My Partial Teeth

My partial teeth are losing. I could take it out with my tongue. I am glad that we have a dental insurance. I can now take care of my teeth. Growing up, I never have a regular teeth cleaning. Every … Continue reading

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