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Where to send your beautiful catch of the fish

We bought this house of 2007. It has been five years since we live in this house.  My husband likes the house because of the property, the pool and the kitchen. He also likes the environment where it is near … Continue reading

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My husband’s hunting light kit

He likes outdoor so much. Hunting is his greatest fashion. I do not mind it as he is having so much fun. He started hunting when he was ten years old. I hope that our son likes to hunt too. … Continue reading

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Bought some new pucks for the ice hockey

My husband bought two pucks for the hockey ice skating at the pond. The pond has ice now but it is not safe to play hockey ice skating. I know my kids are very excited to play hockey or ice … Continue reading

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Drop the deer to the taxidermy

My husband drops the deer to the taxidermy. How I wish that the kids and I eat the venison meat. I am sure that we will have many venisons meats. My husband will share the venison meat to his co-workers … Continue reading

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My husband got an eight pointer buck with a bow in arrow

I am very proud of him. He is such a good hunter. He is very happy that he got an eight pointer buck with his bow n arrow back in the woods in our house. He just moved his tree … Continue reading

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How do you keep your deer mounted clean

We have the four deer mounted on our family room. This is my husband’s latest addition. We have the fireplace in the family room. It is chilly season that we use it often. I do vacuum everyday. I am not sure how does you … Continue reading

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My adventurous little rock climber

This was at Bounce Magic lasts Saturday. My friend C invites us for his 5th birthday. Thank you C for inviting us. We had a blast and had a wonderful time. This is one game inside the Bounce Magic. Mommy … Continue reading

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Deer in our backyard

My husband loves hunting as you know. He just bought an outdoor camera set on one of the tree in our backyard. He always checks the SD card to see if there are pictures inside. I uploaded the pictures in … Continue reading

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Apply for a hunting license

My husband went to Wal-Mart to apply for his hunting license. He usually does it over the phone. This time since he needed it so bad, he has to go to the store. He paid $80 but that covers deer … Continue reading

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Play safe with air soft gun

Growing up, I noticed that my brothers and my cousins liked to play with wooden guns. They pretended they were in the military fighting for the rebels. Most of them are now in military. What a great dream coming true … Continue reading

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