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A new trailer for my husband’s ATV

It is that time of the season again where my husband will go hunting and trapping. He is very excited as usual. He asked permissions from several farmers’ in the neighborhood to trap. I am so happy for him. He … Continue reading

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Where to send your beautiful catch of the fish

We bought this house of 2007. It has been five years since we live in this house.  My husband likes the house because of the property, the pool and the kitchen. He also likes the environment where it is near … Continue reading

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Kauai real estate in Hawaii your best place to look for a property

Hawaii is a big beautiful island. It is a tropical island that attracts tourist all over the world. I have a cousin that lives there. She is from my father’s side. She sent me pictures of her and her beautiful … Continue reading

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My husband’s bait and lure came in the mail

He is ready to start trapping now. He is off from work next week for 11 days. I am sure he will be busy with his trapping. He loves trapping that is his fashion. He is very happy that his … Continue reading

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Kayaking By The Pond

This is my son and his cousin C. They were having a kayak race by our pond. This was on Father’s Day lasts Sunday when my in-law’s came over and also with some of my friends. This kayak is not … Continue reading

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Remote Toy Boat

My husband bought a remote toy boat yesterday for our son. This toy boat can works very fast. It is amazing really for a small toy boat. It can is like a real boy but only the small size. My … Continue reading

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Making A Closet In The Garage

When my hubby got home yesterday from work. Usually he will go to bed as he work midnight this week. The back of his truck is full of load of ply wood. He told me the other day that he … Continue reading

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Solar Pool cover

One thing we attract this house is because of the pool. Our family loves swimming especially my kids. When we moved in this house, the pool comes with a solar pool cover already. The old owner did not use often … Continue reading

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Fish Book

We stock our pond with different kind of fish. Every time my kids go fishing, they only catch Sun fish. My husband asks me to look for a fish book. He wants to show the kids about the fish that … Continue reading

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Smoking At Its Best

My husband is a smoker. He usually smokes when he is bored or drinking beer. Drink and smoking always goes together. He uses a pack of cigarette a day. A pack costs so much money in a month. I know … Continue reading

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