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When an Emergency Clinic is the Best Option

Waking in the middle of the night with a sudden-onset illness, or getting injured after the regular business hours of traditional walk-in clinics means having to seek other sources of medical treatment. Utilizing the services of a hospital emergency might … Continue reading

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Prevention on how not to get a blood clot

When you work in an office for a very long period of time, make sure you stretch your body too. You might be to focus with your computer and that you have a cramps. You have to make sure you … Continue reading

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The husband needs to renew his driver license

This month is the husband’s expiration of his driving license. He already received the form from the DMV last month. He needs to submit it to renew his driving license or else he cannot go to work. He drives a … Continue reading

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Received a Similac baby organizer at the doctor’s clinic

Yesterday was my schedule of my annual physical exam with my OBGYN. Honestly, I hate this kind of appointment. It makes me nervous every time I lay on that examining table. I am glad that my nurse practitioner try to … Continue reading

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How to save on your gift basket purchase?

Christmas is fast approaching. Are you still looking for the best gift yet? Are you having a problem on what to give to your loved ones? Why not check out Gift Basket Plus? They have beautiful gift baskets for everybody. … Continue reading

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A blue post card doctor’s appointment

I received this post card appointment from my doctor. It reminds me to call and make an appointment for my physical check up. I love the Hawaiian shirt and stamp that says ALOHA on the top right. I am glad … Continue reading

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A perfect way to stop smoking

I do not smoke. It is my health preference. I cannot stand the smell of a cigarette. It is killing me if I smell just a little smoke from the smokers. My lungs are too weak handling any smokes at … Continue reading

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How Pull-ups will make your kids life easier

Do you have kids? How many kids do you have? I have the two kids with me. They are both nine and six years old. I remember the time when my kids are into potty train. It was not fun … Continue reading

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How to get stay fit right in your home

I was so skinny when I first came to America. I only weight 88 pounds. I am not anorexic at all. I am just skinny but look healthy. I do miss my weight. I gain weight for the last ten … Continue reading

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Our new dental insurance card came in the mail

My husband ordered new dental insurance cards. He wants to change the old insurance card. I like the new design of the dental insurance card. It looks cleaner and durable. I am so thankful to my husband that we have … Continue reading

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