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Are you looking for rings for your military heroes? 

I never have a family or relatives in America that works in a military. I am sure that those families who have a military is a big honor. They fight to protect our country America from the enemies inside and … Continue reading

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The husband needs to renew his driver license

This month is the husband’s expiration of his driving license. He already received the form from the DMV last month. He needs to submit it to renew his driving license or else he cannot go to work. He drives a … Continue reading

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Our car inspection is due

My husband will bring our car for inspection sometime today. It is due this month. I do not want to drive the car, and the inspection is due. I might get fine from the police. I think that would be … Continue reading

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Received our State tax today

How I wish I could have it. Would it be great? I doubt it; my husband will use it with something for sure I know. I am glad that he does not spend the money with nothing. He said that … Continue reading

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Our Federal tax refund arrived in the mail

We filed our income tax return a week or so ago. We hired a professional to do our income tax return. Our tax woman is quick and we are happy with her service. Our federal tax return arrived in the … Continue reading

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I am not sure if I will register so I can vote

I like to watch campaign rally on the TV. I want to hear what the politician’s plan for the country is. I cannot vote yet as I did not register. I am not sure if I will register or not. … Continue reading

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An easy way to reach a Physician

Communication is really important when you are working especially in the medical field. The faster the communication will reach, the better the system is. Gadget is really important like having a lap top in the office. Are you working in … Continue reading

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Legal Matters In Texas

I am glad that I left my home town with a clean record. I did not commit any crime. It was easy for me to ask legal documents because of my record. It was a year or two when I … Continue reading

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First Ride On Her Pink Car Seat Pink Friday Entry

  This is her on her pink car seat. This is her very first ride going home from the hospital. She was only two days old her. The baby cannot release from the hospital without her infant car seat. It … Continue reading

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Disability Insurance That You Can Rely On

All Americans either citizens or immigrants pays Social Security when they are working. They pay it every week or so. This payment will help them in the future. The benefits they share will be granted when they retire. What if, … Continue reading

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