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I saw this pink Christmas tree in the store

My kids and I were shopping at Kohl’s when I see this pink Christmas tree. Good thing I bring my camera with me. I snap it because I think it is very pretty. I remember this pink Christmas tree is … Continue reading

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My white GE mouse

 I bought a new mouse for my lap top. I do not like to use the wireless mouse on my lap top. I know it sound silly. It is not comfortable for me to use. It will take me forever. … Continue reading

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Pink jewelry box

I do not own this jewelry box. I saw this at the mall one time when I went shopping. It would be nice to have this for my little girl’s room. It surely adds the beauty in her pink room. … Continue reading

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Gay’s favorite place to make friends

Growing up, I see many gay around our neighborhood. They are fun to watch because they are very lively to talk too. I do not have the problem with gay people. I like them just like ordinary friends. I have … Continue reading

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Mega Follow Weekend

Thank you to our lovely sponsors mumwrites, Hands full of Life  and Postcard Enthusiast for sponsoring the mega follow weekend. This weeks task to follow Google Friend Connect, like the Facebook page and follow Twitter. I love joining this caravan every weekend. It is wonderful … Continue reading

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan Like us on Facebook

This weeks’ Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is not successful without the generous sponsors Pink Memoirs  and Postcard Enthusiast Thank you so much to our lovely sponsors. This weeks’ task is to like a Facebook page. Here is my Facebook page Let … Continue reading

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A great tool for creating a survey

Have you ever taken a survey? I did online surveys before I started my journal. You can take part in any kind of survey you want. Sometimes it asks for your opinion and other times it gives you something in … Continue reading

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Mail Delivery Truck

I dropped my friend and her daughter to Pennsylvania yesterday. I was surprised to see a mail carrier delivered the mail by truck. Here in New York, the mail carrier delivered the mails through the USPS car. Maybe I think … Continue reading

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Red Hat Society

We were invited at the party lasts Saturday. My husband’s friend invited us. The mother of my husband’s friend had a party. She is a member of the red hat society club. She is the chairperson of the women’s club. … Continue reading

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A Fun Thing To Do

My little girl’s birthday is approaching. I might invite some of her girl friends from school. I am planning of doing something fun for them. Beads are always fun to do with friends. They can make jewelry out from that. … Continue reading

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