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I saw this pink Christmas tree in the store

My kids and I were shopping at Kohl’s when I see this pink Christmas tree. Good thing I bring my camera with me. I snap it because I think it is very pretty. I remember this pink Christmas tree is … Continue reading

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LG the cell phone that rocks from the competition

This post brought to you by LG DoublePlay™. All opinions are 100% mine. I still remembers my first cell phone. My eldest sister gave it to me. It looks like a telephone. I am sure I felt embarrassed if I … Continue reading

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How do you keep your deer mounted clean

We have the four deer mounted on our family room. This is my husband’s latest addition. We have the fireplace in the family room. It is chilly season that we use it often. I do vacuum everyday. I am not sure how does you … Continue reading

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I am forever grateful to Mr. E for picking us up

I was driving to the city yesterday for a kids Halloween show. I already arrived at the area but could not find a place to park. I drive to the next street to look for a parking place but could … Continue reading

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What do you call this white?

This was taken last year of February on our pond. The family was done ice skating. I ask my son to take a picture of me. This is what I see on the picture. What is it? Do you think, … Continue reading

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GPS a girl’s best friend

I got the chance to see my three girl friends last Tuesday. It was great to see them. We talk and catch up with what is going on with our life. We all have kids and life as a Mom … Continue reading

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Gay’s favorite place to make friends

Growing up, I see many gay around our neighborhood. They are fun to watch because they are very lively to talk too. I do not have the problem with gay people. I like them just like ordinary friends. I have … Continue reading

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan Like us on Facebook

This weeks’ Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is not successful without the generous sponsors Pink Memoirs  and Postcard Enthusiast Thank you so much to our lovely sponsors. This weeks’ task is to like a Facebook page. Here is my Facebook page Let … Continue reading

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Dreaming of having a swim spa

I love swimming. It is one of my favorite things to do. Growing up in a tropical country makes you a swimmer. I even learned how to swim in the river. Beach is only 10-20 minutes drive from where I … Continue reading

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The Best Cleaning Company In Austin Texas

I used to have a friend that lives in Austin Texas. It has been awhile since we see each other. I hope she is doing fine. She told me before that Texas is very warm just like our hometown. They … Continue reading

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