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Best facility for rehabilitation from addiction

Some time in a teenager’s life they go to faces where they fail for addiction. I know it is very hard for parents to see their kids suffer and lost themselves There are times, that parents lost hope too. Kids … Continue reading

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Easter egg hunting

This was 2010 at their Aunt’s house. My sister-in-law invited us for an Easter dinner at her house. The kids had an Easter egg hunting on her front yard. It was a beautiful afternoon that time. The kids had a great … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Double Cheese burger and vanilla shake

I had coupons from McDonald’s and it is buy one takes one that I got in the mail. I bought the double cheese burger and vanilla shake. There are chocolate and strawberry shake but I picked Vanilla because it is … Continue reading

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Bought some new pucks for the ice hockey

My husband bought two pucks for the hockey ice skating at the pond. The pond has ice now but it is not safe to play hockey ice skating. I know my kids are very excited to play hockey or ice … Continue reading

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Dental scrubs for women are so comfortable to wear

Recently, my son had a dentist appointment. He did a great job. I am so very proud of him. He was such a big boy just relaxing while the hygienist cleans his teeth. The hygienist is very friendly that is why my son is … Continue reading

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Bundle up your baby with this comfortable blanket

Are you expecting a baby? How far are you? Are you having a baby shower? Are you thinking of baby gifts? The best gift is the baby blankets. The baby sleeps many hours a day so you get your sleep … Continue reading

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Sons with me

Posted by Jerold Austin My sons are always in the living room which is what inspired me to give the place a little makeover. I went a little crazy, though, and got all new furniture, curtains and even a whole … Continue reading

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Choosing advantage term life insurance is the best

People cannot live without insurance. It is our families’ health treasure.  Does your family has the insurance yet? If not please check out Find out what is perfect for you and your families perfect insurance. I am sure you … Continue reading

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Where to go bare boat charter in Croatia

I love watching beauty pageants on TV. I always find myself attracted to the beautiful Croatian women.  Croatian women are dark skinned and just simply beautiful. Croatia must be a place filled with beauty. I always love tropical locations, because I was born … Continue reading

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Looking for affordable cameras

My brother is asking for a new camera for his daughter. He wants to use it when his daughter has a program in school. I am looking for affordable camera to send it to him. My number choice is olympus cameras. … Continue reading

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