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Phones that last for a long period

I admit I do not like my cell phone. It is a simple that you can flip to open. There is nothing great about it. The signal is not even good. Sometimes the other line cannot hear me clearly. It … Continue reading

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A free Trax laptop sleeve that comes from my laptop bunde

I got this Trax laptop sleeve free with my laptop bundle. It fits 15.6″ laptop. It has a zipper on top where you can keep receipt or important documents. It has a zipper for easy opening and closing after your … Continue reading

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Say good-bye to no connection and hello WiFi extender

Gone are the days when you are using normal modem to run your computer. Wireless is in today. I am also having a wireless connection in my computer. The modem is in our mud room. The connection is very limited. … Continue reading

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Do I need a cooling fan or a new lap top battery?

I used my lap top everyday. I cannot live without it. It is part of my life especially that I work online. I am going nuts if my lap top needs a service. I bought this lap top maybe 4-5 … Continue reading

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I need a wireless keyboard for my iPad

I have an iPad that I bought two (2) years ago. I have used it for a while now especially my kids. It is such a beautiful gadget for them. They can learn at the same time having fun with … Continue reading

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My lap top is under repair

I admit I missed using my lap top. It is very easy to use it than my desk top. I love how accessible it is to use than the desk top. I use it often in the family room and … Continue reading

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My Toshiba portable hard drive back up

I am sick of reading a message pop up every time I use my laptop. It says that my disk space is full you need to delete some files. I cannot even open a picture to view because of the … Continue reading

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Free computers to use at the dentist clinic

Our old dentist clinic is moved to this new place. I know that I should schedule my teeth cleaning so I can visit the new dentist clinic that my husband is talking about. I have never been to this new … Continue reading

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Happy with my new mouse and mouse pad

I need to change my mouse and my mouse pad very badly. The old set I have is not working properly. I went to Wal-Mart and found this mouse and mouse pad. I am very happy with my new lap … Continue reading

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Need a new mouse for my lap top

What I have right now is giving me a hard time. It seems like it is not working properly. It is hard to move. What kind of mouse do you use? Do you buy the best brand? I am sick … Continue reading

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