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Bought a replacement HDMI cable for the Blu-ray player

It was last month when my husband and our son play kick ball in the living room. They are pretending that they are playing hockey. My son plays a goalie. My husband tries to make a goal. Accidentally, he kicked … Continue reading

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My Mother-in-law received a new TV on her birthday

I missed my Mother-in-law’s birthday dinner lasts Saturday. The kids and I are at the park celebrating another birthday party. I ask the kids that we are going to Grandma’s birthday dinner at the restaurant. They do not want to … Continue reading

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Floor that impressed the customer

I always admire floors that are very clean and shiny. I wonder how they do care of the floor. I have read about floor cleaning news and how important cleanliness especially for the customers. I am glad that my kids’ … Continue reading

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Need new filter for the refrigerator

The red light for the filter is up. It means it needs to change the filter. I think my husband change the filter twice a year. We need a new filter because we drink water from the refrigerator by just … Continue reading

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Seven(7) gifts you avoid to give this Holiday

Household Appliances A pet Jewelry You’ve Seen on a TV Commercial Gift BasketsA Sweater Credit Card Gift Cards Lingerie

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Sons with me

Posted by Jerold Austin My sons are always in the living room which is what inspired me to give the place a little makeover. I went a little crazy, though, and got all new furniture, curtains and even a whole … Continue reading

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Keep your work place cools with portable air conditioner

I have worked in a machine shop before. It is warm everyday back in my home town and the work place I worked in was in the private compound. So as you can imagine, it was very humid while working. … Continue reading

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Where to buy Bluray players

We have the flat screen TV in the living room. My kids like to play games and watch TV in that room. Bluray players will make the room complete. It is a perfect gadget for the TV. When they watch a movie with that … Continue reading

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Survey about radio

I got a phone call while preparing dinner. It is a call about survey in radio. I like listening to radio. She asks me if I want to participate in the survey. They will send me questionnaire and you take … Continue reading

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10 Things That Make Your Home a Target for Thieves

1. Leaving your garage door open or unlocked. Always close and lock the garage door. Consider getting a garage-door opener with random codes that automatically reset. 2. Hiding spare keys. Give a spare set to a neighbor or family member. … Continue reading

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