When an Emergency Clinic is the Best Option

Waking in the middle of the night with a sudden-onset illness, or getting injured after the regular business hours of traditional walk-in clinics means having to seek other sources of medical treatment. Utilizing the services of a hospital emergency might be a drastic move, if the illness or injury is not that serious, but needs attention. The cost of a hospital visit can be high if you do not have medical insurance that covers hospital visits, or has a high deductible. Below are a few of the benefits to using an emergency walk-in clinic for for immediate healthcare needs.

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Lack of Adequate Health Insurance

The changes in healthcare reform have made obtaining health insurance a requirement, but not everyone has been able to find an affordable plan to date. Many individuals and families are having to struggle with a bare bones catastrophic health insurance plan, or go uninsured altogether. This does not mean that there is no affordable healthcare available. These are the times that an emergency clinic can prove most beneficial. You can get the immediate medical care you need at a more affordable price than the hospital emergency room. You will have to pay for the services at the time, but they are only roughly a third of the costs of a hospital emergency room.

If You Do Not Have a Primary Care Physician

Your first visit to a primary care physician can be the most costly. There is normally a fee to set up a new patient account along with the actual doctor visit. Beyond cost, you might have to wait in order to get treatment from a local doctor. Some medical emergencies need treated in a more expedited way. An emergency clinic is the perfect solution. You get fast and affordable immediate medical attention.

You Are Suffering a Non Life-Threatening Illness or Injury After Hours

A traditional medical clinic is open from 9 in the morning until 5 or 6 in the afternoon. There might be a clinic or two that stays open a little later, but this is not helpful if you suffer from an illness or injury during the late night hours. This is when the ability to walk into a 24 hour emergency clinic is priceless.

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