How You Can Stabilize Shaky Footage with Movavi Video Editor

Newbies who have just begun to learn how to use their camcorders will find that their videos look shaky. Watching a shaky video can cause headache and eye strain. Fortunately, there is a way to stabilize the video and make the video play smoothly with the use of a video editor. Movavi Video Editor offers you the ability to stabilize the video by simply dragging a slider without having to perform any difficult step like other more advanced video editors.

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The first step in stabilizing a video is to make sure Movavi Video Editor is installed on your computer and that you have the shaky footage with you. The shaky video must first be loaded into the software by clicking on the Add Media button or simply dragging it into the timeline. To make it easy for you to drag it into the timeline, make sure you have already copied the shaky footage video from your camcorder to the desktop.

When the imported video appears in the timeline, you are to double click on it and select Stabilize in the Tools. When the Stabilize tool appears, you will see two sliders including Accuracy and Shaking sliders. You can experiment with the two sliders by dragging the sliders to as further as you want to achieve the desired result. As you drag the sliders, the quality of the video will become gradually smother until there is no more shaky element. Get more details at

You can also enter a value from 0 – 100 into the fields beside the sliders to adjust the stabilization setting. The output video after the application of the stabilization setting can be previewed in real time. If you look to the top right corner, there are two radio buttons including original and preview. If you select the original radio button, it will play the original video which is shaky when you click the play button. Selecting the preview radio button allows you to preview the stabilized video.

Once you have dragged the sliders to the right positions, you can press the Stabilize button to start the stabilization process. The stabilized video will play smoothly as if it was shot professionally. No one will be able to notice that you did shake the camcorder when you are attempting to film the scene. It only takes a few seconds for the stabilization process to become complete. After the stabilization process is complete, make sure you play back to see if the shaky video is stabilized properly. You can edit the video further before pressing the export button to save the video on your computer.  

Movavi Video Editor offers a free trial to allows you to test the stabilization function and see how the software can effectively stabilize the shakiness in the video. Movavi Video Editor is an affordable solution for people who often have to deal with jittery videos. The software is good enough for smoothing out shakiness in a video and this prevents you from having to shell out a few hundred software that promises excellent result.

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