Finally I know how to put gas in my car

My hubby teased me that it took me five years to learn. He is one funny husband of mine. He said he is so proud of me. How can I bet get mad at him, right?

I put gas in the car about four or five times now. Can you blame me if I did not learn how to put gas when I learned how to drive? My husband always fills up my car with gas. Sometimes it is frustrating to wait for him especially when he is busy or work over time. I am so proud of myself too. I know I can do it. I just need courage with me to learn it by myself. Sometimes my 12-year-old son teaches me. He is always by his Daddy when he fills my car with gas. He learned easily than his Mommy fortunately. I am not ashamed of myself.

I usually bring the kids with me. It is safe to drive when the car am driving has enough gas when we go somewhere.

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3 Responses to Finally I know how to put gas in my car

  1. Nova says:

    hehehehe..this reminds me of myself too, after 2 years of driving I finally got the guts to put gas in my car too, of course I asked my husband’s guidance at first cause I don’t want to blow up a gasoline station, but gladly I am now confident on putting gas in the car.

  2. Elizabeth O. says:

    Congratulations on your most recent achievement! It’s so nice to learn something new everyday.

  3. I have never tried it yet sis but hubby showed me how. I don’t like driving so I don’t put gas in the car either lol.

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