This subway train ticket brings back many memories

I keep my subway train ticket from our New York City trip with my girl friends. It brings so much memories. It might sound stupid but who cares, right? I like to collect simple things and this is one of them.


This subway train ticket brings so much memories

This subway train ticket brings so much memories


I have not been to New York City before though I live in the State of New York. I have never been ride a subway train before. I heard so much about this ride from friends and relatives that lives in the city. One of my top bucket list is to visit New York City and ride a subway train. These two wishes came true few weeks ago.


My girl friends riding the subway train during our first day in New York City

My girl friends riding the subway train during our first day in New York City


My friend M that lives in the city does not have a car. She and her family does not really need a car. They take subway trains every where they go. My very first time to ride a subway train. You can buy a single ticket for one ride. You can also buy unlimited ticket for a week. We bought the unlimited ticket since we are taking the subway during our vacation.

Four of my girl friends used to drive our cars. Riding a subway train is a different experience that I will never forget. You need to swipe your ticket to open a gate so you can enter in that train station. You have to swipe it fast so it will work. You have to walk fast if not run to catch up the next train. Sometimes if you lucky, you can sit on the bench. Most of the time, we are holding the bars. The subway train moves fast like a rocket.

There are also unique people who performs in the train station. Some sing and some dance. There are also weird people inside the subway train. You do not need to pay attention to them. Pretend they are not exist as what friend M advised us. Some subway train station has many steps to climb. Our legs never get that work out before. We were all tired at the same laughing when we need to catch out breathe. It was an experienced of a lifetime that I will treasure forever.

There are so many routes to familiarize or else you will get lost. Do I want to ride a subway train again? Yes! definitely if I have company.

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