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Prevention on how not to get a blood clot

When you work in an office for a very long period of time, make sure you stretch your body too. You might be to focus with your computer and that you have a cramps. You have to make sure you … Continue reading

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iPad case cover to protect my son’s mini iPad

Santa bought my son a mini iPad last Christmas. I am glad that Santa also bought him a case for his mini iPad. My son’s new mini iPad case cover  It is perfect to keep his mini iPad safe and … Continue reading

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Are you looking for rings for your military heroes? 

I never have a family or relatives in America that works in a military. I am sure that those families who have a military is a big honor. They fight to protect our country America from the enemies inside and … Continue reading

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My son got a mini iPad from Santa last Christmas

He had a regular iPad. Unfortunately the little sister dropped and broke the screen. We brought it to the repair shop but the guy said it cost as much as the new iPad. We waited and hope that Santa will … Continue reading

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