Planning for a house project this spring?

My husband and I filed our income tax two weeks ago. We are waiting for our income tax return sometime this week. I hope that it will come in the mail very soon. The husband has plans on what to do with the income tax return. I know that he wants to do a house project this spring.

He also told me that he will buy a new lap top. The lap top that I am using now just turns off suddenly. It drives me nuts especially if I am writing articles and did not save it. I do not want to lose my thoughts on that topic because my lap top is acting up. It is very frustrating you know. I have this lap top for many years now. I need a new lap top. I just have to wait when we get the income tax return.

where to buy beautiful kitchen counter top like this
(photo not mine)

Usually, I lay on the floor in front of the fireplace when I use my lap top. It makes me comfortable. I know that my husband does not like me using my lap top that way. He rather wants me to sit on the kitchen counter. The lap top gets hot that I do not want our counter top ruined. When we bought this house, my husband likes the kitchen. The counter top is really pretty. The kitchen is huge too. The previous owner of this house has a moving business.

I wonder if he checks out this BuildDirect reviews where he can buy beautiful kitchen counter tops. He is a business person and am sure that he wants to read reviews before buying items from that company. Do you always read reviews before buying products from a certain company? I think it helps too that the company you are doing business is have a great positive reviews from customers like this company. You can also check out their BuildDirect’s Facebook page here.

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3 Responses to Planning for a house project this spring?

  1. Mecheel says:

    Nice plan you got there sis. How I love the way how you planned about your kitchen and wow! your hubby loves you that much that he cares for what you do. Thumbs up!

  2. Raya says:

    Wow, you must be looking forward to your new laptop mommy J.. I wish I could do the same because like yours, my laptop has serious problems, too.

    By the way, those are beautiful counter tops. I love the design, too!

  3. Pinx says:

    Yes, I do Mommy Jessica! I always read reviews and search for the pros and cons of the product that I plan to buy. I guess this also applies to when we are buying a house. You are very lucky that you, your boys and your lovely daughter have a huge house you can enjoy. How I wish I have our own house as well!!

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