Twinkling star brightlight pillow for my little girl

Getting enough sleep is very important for our kids’ development. I am glad that my kids are getting enough sleep each night. I am glad that they have their routine every time they go to bed. They know that during the weekdays, they need to go to sleep at nine (9). I let them sleep very late during weekends as they do not need to wake up early for school. I do not have the problem with their bed night routine. They brush their teeth, change their pajamas, say their prayers and bring their stuff toys on their bed and lights off. I check them ten (10) after make sure they are both tucking in bed.

Thank you brightlight pillow for this twinkling star

My little girl loves to sleep anything that is fluffy and especially she can use it on her bed. She gave the dragon flashlight friends to his big brother. It helps him to sleep at night. The little girl is very lucky to receive this brightlight pillow. She received the twinkling star.

Thank you brightlight pillow for this twinkling star
It is in white color. It is fluffy and very soft. It needs three (3) double A’s batteries. The bright light pillow changes it colors. It has the rainbow colors and it is beautiful at night. This bright light pillow is perfect for ages eight plus (8+). You can buy it as a birthday gift or Christmas gifts. Either way the special girl will love her new bright light pillow. The bright light pillow shuts off automatically after 15 minutes. The bright light pillow also comes in beating heart and starlight square. What are you waiting for? Please check out the Website and make that special girl sleeps without fear and sleep as an angel with one of the bright light pillows.

Thank you brightlight pillow for this twinkling star

By the way, you can also find updates and beautiful products in their Twitter, You Tube and Instagram.

Thank you brightlight pillow for this twinkling star

I received the product for free. I am not compensated. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. It might be different from other.

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12 Responses to Twinkling star brightlight pillow for my little girl

  1. This would be perfect for my nieces as they love colors and they also love hugging pillows! 😀

  2. That is really nice! I ‘d love to buy a couple for my kids.

  3. jane says:

    wow this is so cute!! i would love to have one too! haha though daughter dont sleep without light she has this dimlight beside here which pretty much lightens the room

  4. That’s really nice.I would like to have one for my daughter.

  5. nadine says:

    i saw this on which made me want to have it in my wishlist. You’re so lucky to have one it’s so cute and starry!

  6. I’m sure my young daughter will be so happy to have her own twinkling star pillow, I’m not so sure though if she can sleep when she’s too excited about it.

  7. papaleng says:

    Ay ang cute, will it suits young boys too?

  8. Marie Michel says:

    So cute! I think I’ll have it for me too ! lol (this is me, kid at hear!) 😀

  9. lencilicious says:

    That is really nice. Even I will enjoy that pillow.

  10. I love stars! Especially that one in your blog! LOL! Gotta have that!

  11. Algene says:

    it’s a must have! my nephew ll love that kind of pillow 🙂 I think it can convince him to skeep without the lights . Hehe

  12. Tins' Corner says:

    Really cool pillows. I’ll check this out! Thanks!

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