A dent on the husband’s truck

My husband drove his truck to the work that day. It is snowing and truck is better and safety to drive when the weather is nasty. He usually drive my car when he goes to work except when it is snowing like that day.


He was busy working and tired after a very long and cold day at work. He works outside. Snow is not an easy day when you are a line man helping other people’s power so the family is warm during the freezing day. He went home and work again the next day. He found a note on his desk. It is a from the company telling him about the dent on his black Chevy truck.


A co-worker back up and hit the right side of his truck on the parking lot. It is snowing that day that backing up from the parking lot is not safe either. I am glad that the company will help him fix the dent on his Chevy black truck. We do not have the money to repair that dent now. He just paid the property tax too.

Today there is a guy ring the door bell. He was a guy that the company sent to check the dent. He said that he will submit the report to the company. The company then will give my husband a check to fix the dent of his Chevy black truck.

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3 Responses to A dent on the husband’s truck

  1. Rcel says:

    Uh oh! Poor truck! But good thing that the company is shouldering the expenses! It will be fixed soon!

    BPC hop!

  2. Bless says:

    Good thing Mommy Jess your hubby wasn’t in the truck when it happened and the company will be paying to fix it.

    BPC hop!

  3. Agoy mommy I hope ma fix na jud and don’t have to pay a dime sa pag repair. Delikado jud ning danlog ang road sa kay bisan sa parking lot ma bangaan lang gihapon. Good thing though wala nahitabo while ga drive imoha banana.

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