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FREE Safe Email for Kids and Contest

Safe E-mail for Kids! is a safe email service for kids and families. Your kids can now have a safe email account while allowing parents to be aware of any correspondence their children send and receive. You supervise your … Continue reading

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Thank you Garmin GPS for guiding me

We used to have a TomTom GPS in my old car. Accidentally my son locked it. Now I cannot use it if I need a GPS. One of my sisters-in-law invited us for Thanksgiving Dinner. She lives very far from … Continue reading

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Where to find low income housing in your area

The Hurricane Sandy damage many properties and even lives. It was a devastating situation where millions of people were affected. Many houses were torn apart, damaged and even burn. My heart goes out to the victims of the calamity. I … Continue reading

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Materials to make your home or work projects easier

I used to work in a machine shop before when I was in the Philippines. My co-workers are really hard worker. I am amaze of their job. Their work is so manual that it takes awhile for a single project … Continue reading

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How to save on your gift basket purchase?

Christmas is fast approaching. Are you still looking for the best gift yet? Are you having a problem on what to give to your loved ones? Why not check out Gift Basket Plus? They have beautiful gift baskets for everybody. … Continue reading

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A blue post card doctor’s appointment

I received this post card appointment from my doctor. It reminds me to call and make an appointment for my physical check up. I love the Hawaiian shirt and stamp that says ALOHA on the top right. I am glad … Continue reading

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Childs Christmas Tech Christmas Worldwide Giveaway

Are you still planning of a perfect Christmas gift for your kids? Would it be a wonderful Christmas if a child receives everything they wish for? I am sure that my kids will be happy to receive these for Christmas? … Continue reading

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Why having insurance is very important for the family

Growing up in the Philippines, we do not have any health insurance. When we get sick, my Mom relies on herbals medicine. Sometimes she has to borrow some money to Aunt so we can buy medicine. Life is hard especially … Continue reading

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Wonder Omelet sandwiches make breakfast meal different

This post brought to you by Wonder bread. All opinions are 100% mine. We are a family of four. We love to eat breakfast. Our day is not complete without eating breakfast. The kids love to eat eggs. We consume … Continue reading

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