How to get stay fit right in your home

I was so skinny when I first came to America. I only weight 88 pounds. I am not anorexic at all. I am just skinny but look healthy. I do miss my weight. I gain weight for the last ten years since I live in America. I weight 125 pounds now. I know that for other people, it is still a normal weight. I may still look skinny from other people’s eyes. Honestly, I am not happy with my weight now. It does not help that my daughter and I when we had our vacation back in my home town. I did gained five pounds from that three weeks vacation. Now I have to pay for the foods that I eat.

I have planned of enrolling myself in a gym. I want to lose the weight especially on my stomach. My clothes are tight on me. The jeans and the shorts zipper will not work anymore. I need to do something for myself. I cannot do the diet. It will not work on me. I have the two kids and my body is different from it used to. I need to eat or else I will shiver when I am hungry. The foods I eat are healthy. I just need to tone up my body especially the stomach.

Do you work out? What kind of materials do you use? Do you go to the gym? Do you work out by yourself or by a group? I know that being a member of the gym will cost you money. What happen if you decided to stop the workout? Will you get your money back or not? Do you know that you can stay healthy or be firm with this machine? The sells these beautiful accessories that will help you lose the weight. It only cost $199.99 for a set of items. You can return it if you are not satisfied with the items. They ship worldwide. They also accept any major credit cards you own. Everybody can use this working out accessories. The best thing about it is. You can use it at your home anytime you want. The steps are easy to follow. You can also join the affiliates to help you have your own income. Do you love fitness? You can join their fitness affiliate from this Website. You can lose weight and the same time earning income from then. Why not join now?

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9 Responses to How to get stay fit right in your home

  1. marie says:

    Hey mommy jen sometimes it’s good to look back the time when we were skinny before but we thankful that as long as we are healthy. you can do it . get back on gym. why not. as in skinny jd ka sauna no.

  2. Rcel says:

    Gosh, Mommy Jess, you were only 88 lbs and with a towering height? Wow! Me? I was maintaining a 98-lb-weight before I got pregnant. I never gained weight then. After two pregnancies and two lovely daughters, nada! It seems impossible to get back to my original weight anymore! No matter the work, it’s in our genes man pud gud. I work out at home only with Wii Fit and treadmill. As long as I stay healthy, I’m good! πŸ™‚

  3. jheylo says:

    yes! we can lose weight even if we dont spend money for the fitness membership at the gym, we can do exercise at our own home. you are skinny then? wow! i was 125 lbs when i first came here in the US and gained after i got pregnant and never loose the extra weights i’ve gained up to this time πŸ™

  4. joy says:

    I can relate to you mommy. I think having children played a big part of us gaining weight. I think this is what we need, an exercise system that will give us back our old weight. I really wanted to be 99 pounds again but so far with the zumba fitness i am losing weight yet still in 113 lbs.

  5. Bless says:

    You must be very skinny before Mommy for 88 lbs weight πŸ™‚ I was 98 lbs before with a very petite built and height. So I need not gain more weight but with two kids now, my weight for me is not ideal anymore πŸ™‚ This is why I am glad that there are fitness program that we can do at home. I just started one and it’s my 3rd day now…It’s a smoker hehehe

  6. zoan says:

    I am so skinny too. I am not anorexic and i am trying hard to gain weight. But to no avail:(

  7. Dhemz says:

    you are not alone at all mamijess….tell me when you enroll yourself so I can go with you…I nedd to lose some weight too…kani ako bilbil…layers na…hehehe!

  8. Shela says:

    I’m 100lbs before i got pregnant trying to lose weight after first baby bout 125lbs then BUT we got pregs again then gained more weight!! Until now am trying to go back to 125sadly i don’t know how to do it bisag sigeg exercise mao ra man gihapon so i made a conclusion nga bahala na si batman i don’t ker anymore! :))

  9. Nancy says:

    You don’t have to skip meal to lose weight, Jes.
    I have my own fat loss journey too and I don’t go to the gym to work out at all. I simply use instructional videos at home and it works for me just fine.

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