My little traveler

I am so proud of my little traveler. She was so behave and cooperate during our travel to the Philippines. I am so thankful that she is listening to what I told and advises her. The moment she sits on her sit, she buckled up her seat belt right away. She also watches as the flight attendant demonstrates the safety f the airplane. Every time we change airplanes, she buckled up and read the safety booklet on front her chair. I always pray before our airplane takes off or landing. She does ask me question about what she sees on the booklet. She asks me what happened if the plane crash to the water. What happen is the plane has a fire inside? She will check the life jacket underneath the seat too. She is almost six years old yet she knows what to do when there is a problem inside the airplane. She said that when the plane has a water crash landing, we get rescued and hop on the next airplane. Is that too adorable how she thinks of the events? I am proud too that she knows the safety. She likes to read and ask me questions during our flight. She is one smart traveler and so proud of her.

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  1. haze says:

    She is a cutie. And that’s really smart for her to know pretty much everything about passengers stuff. And not all kids behave that way. I wish when I travel my kids would behave like yours.

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