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Snoring bothers her

It was very warm that night. The kids and I decided to sleep in the living room. We have this couch that will transform to a bed. The brother is very tired from swimming that day. He fell asleep first. … Continue reading

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How to enjoy the summer at night

Everybody loves summer. People spend their time usually outside. As a family, we love to swim the pool and have the barbeque on the patio.  I am sure that we want to stay outside longer. The kids love to chase … Continue reading

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Reading with comfort

My little girl loves to read a book or signs wherever we are. I am glad that she loves reading at an early age. I do not think I learn how to read when I was five years old. Technologies … Continue reading

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How to keep safety whiles riding a horse

My husband used to have a horse back in our old house. He sells it because he cannot take care of it anymore. He has a busy schedule at work. He loves having pets and animals. Our kids are like … Continue reading

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The American Idol finale contestant and their mentors received a free Ford car

Did you watch the American Idol finale last night? Did you miss it? The American Idol season 11 winner is Phillip Phillips. Congratulations to you and to your family.   There was a scene of the show last night about the … Continue reading

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How to make the businesses organize

Do you plan of having a new business? Do you need help with transactions of your business like the accounting, payroll or tax? Do you need professional on how to organize your business? It does not matter if you have … Continue reading

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The best gift for my husband

My husband will celebrate his birthday next month. I cannot think of anything that I will give to him. I ask him last night if he still smoking. He said yes but I know he is still smoking. He has tried … Continue reading

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My Mother-in-law received a new TV on her birthday

I missed my Mother-in-law’s birthday dinner lasts Saturday. The kids and I are at the park celebrating another birthday party. I ask the kids that we are going to Grandma’s birthday dinner at the restaurant. They do not want to … Continue reading

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Hassle free to order your medications

There are times in our lives when our health is deteriorating. We confined at the hospital for few days or a week. It depends really on how your health is. I am lucky that I only went to the hospital … Continue reading

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Shopping on our wedding anniversary

Who does not wants to go shopping? Ever woman loves to go shopping, right? It was the day of our tenth year wedding anniversary. I went shopping to the mall. I went to different stores looking for gifts to buy … Continue reading

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