Cooling off at the mall

My husband has driven me nuts recently. Instead of fighting with him, I just drove the car. Guess where did I go? I went to the mall to go shopping. Transit road’s traffic is driving me insane. Yet, I keep my cool and just go with the flow. I do not want to have a car accident. I went to Hallmark’s to look something that I need to put on my kids Easter basket. I found a tooth pillow for my little girl. Two of her bottom teeth are loose. I am sure tooth fairy will come visit her. I went to Victoria’s Secret to redeem my secret rewards card and some coupons. I also went to Claire’s, a beautiful store for the little girl. I am glad my little girl did not go with me. I am sure I can spend a fortune in that store. I bought two rabbit toys, headband and necklace that matches with the bracelet. I also went to Deb and bought some pairs of jeans and tops. I order pretzel for lunch for the first time. I love it and will definitely buy it again next time. Overall, I spent my day with my self as my kids are in school. I went home and wait for the bus to arrive.

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    trekking your blog!!!


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