Finally I have an iPad

I was not planning to buy an iPad as I have my lap top. Big Lots store has a sale about tablet this weekend. I was planning to buy it for my son. He likes to use my lap top to play games. Our desk top is not working. I have tasks to do online and cannot send on time as my kids are using my lap top. It is a pain having one computer in the house. I told my husband about my plan. I will buy an iPad and will pay it for myself. He said he will pay it.
I picked the black color. Honestly, my kids can use the iPad better than I. They both use iPad at school while the Mommy has only a lap top. I find it so intriguing to use the iPad but I love looking at the photos on my Facebook. All I need is accessory for my iPad. I am linking this entry to Happiness Is

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16 Responses to Finally I have an iPad

  1. Mrs.D says:

    awwwwwwwwww…got a new baby mamijess…how cool! sos, nailugan napod diay ka…ehehehe…pila sa biglots?

  2. Utah Mommy says:

    Congrats Mommy! Mommy can we exchange links if that is ok with you? Hehe, please let me know. Thank you :)

  3. KM says:

    hi jess! congrats sa bagong iPad. but you know what, you should’ve waited for another couple of weeks or so sana to buy, kasi the iPad 3 will be released this month ;)

    thanks for joining Happiness Is :) link up mo na iba mo pang blogs, mommy jess! :D

    see you there again next week for another round of happy posts ha?

    ps: nakatulog ako kagabi ng maaga kaya ngayon ko lang na-i-up yung link plus ngayon pa lang ako mag-vi-visit back sa mga posts mo :D

    • Beki Mae says:

      jess, salamat sa dalaw! :D sure naman, okei lang kahit isa lang entry muna, medyo mahirap nga mag blog hop, but always feel free to link up more ^^

      see ya around! :)

  4. anney says:

    Nice! Kelan kaya ako magkaka ipad!
    Visiting from hapiness is
    Caracol Festival

  5. rona says:

    Wow! It is such a happiness to own an iPad2! Congrats! My hubby has one also and I only use it when we’re not at home. Kainis kasi magtype ng tagalog eh. iniiba ung words automatically but then it’s enjoyable especially the good features!

    Happiness talaga yan.

    Rona here!

  6. chubskulit says:

    Yipppppeee, we only used our iPad pag nasa byahe… Enjoy your iPad sis.

    My happiness

  7. Claire says:

    wow! I would love to have one. I bought the Kindle Fire and left it to my brother. So that’s gonna be on my wishlist:)

  8. Rosemarie says:

    weeehhh…i am inggit :), kailan kaya ako magkakaron ng ipad? hehehe.. Viting for Happiness is , please fo visit my share as well at

    See you around…

  9. Tetcha says:

    Getting something that you wish for is happiness indeed! Visiting back!

  10. Deli says:

    Congratulations :) Pretty cool gadget for you :) Thanks for the visit.

  11. hi jessy thanks for passing by my blog :)
    congrats on your new ipad. my hubby is the tablet user in our home, as for me I’m in love with my 2 yr old laptop ha ha. enjoy with your new “toy” ;)

  12. maiylah says:

    congrats!!!! good thing you’re free now to do your opps and submit them on time! plus, the kids get to have some fun, too! :)

    thanks much for the visit, Mommy Jess :)

  13. Rovie says:

    Congrats for your new iPad Mommy Jess…


  14. Lalah says:

    suya much kaayo ko. I’m happy for you though :)

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