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Finally I have an iPad

I was not planning to buy an iPad as I have my lap top. Big Lots store has a sale about tablet this weekend. I was planning to buy it for my son. He likes to use my lap top … Continue reading

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Our Federal tax refund arrived in the mail

We filed our income tax return a week or so ago. We hired a professional to do our income tax return. Our tax woman is quick and we are happy with her service. Our federal tax return arrived in the … Continue reading

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Sick Father

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon My father has always been a huge part of my life, so when he got sick, I knew I had to step up and take care of him. I was devastated when he told me … Continue reading

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The winners of 2012 Oscars Academy awards

I watched the Oscar Academy awards last night. Unfortunately, I miss the announcing of the best actress because I fell asleep on the couch. I know what a stinker I am. It was late and my eyes cannot hold on … Continue reading

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How to make money writing articles

Writing a journal is fun thing to have. I have a nine journals now that I write. I have the two that I just created few days ago.  Some of my journal friends have more than I. They love writing … Continue reading

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Is your passion to write?

Back in high school, I send letters to my favorite celebrities in the Philippines. It makes me happy that they reply me back and included a picture of themselves too. I even have an album that has letters and pictures … Continue reading

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We badly need a new bed linen

Sleeping is very important especially for my husband. He has a sleeping problem and he needs the room by himself. He has a dangerous job at work. I have to make sure that he sleeps for ample hours before going … Continue reading

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Who to blame when medical negligence happens

There are times in our life that accident happens. Sometimes it is from nature and sometimes from physician’s mistake. Situations like this you need an expert that tackles your delicate case. You need a broker that sells medispa liability coverage … Continue reading

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Where to get emergency funds

My Dad passed away almost seven years ago. It seems like it is still new to me. I miss him very much. I know that I am not open to my Dad which I was regret about. I love him … Continue reading

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The kids’ toothpaste

They run out of toothpaste that day. The Daddy has to go to Home Depot to do some errands. I told him to buy the kids there toothpaste since Wal-Mart is close by. He bought one each for his kids … Continue reading

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