Reel Weekend #8 Dear John

This is one of my favorite movies for 2010. When I watch the trailer, I told myself I want to have a copy and I did. I like the story. It is romantic and full of passion. I like the stars too especially AmandaSeyfried. I become one of her fans after I watch this movie. I collected three of her movies already. Have you seen this movie yet? You should especially if you have a boyfriend or husband that is working in military. I am linking this entry to Reel Weekend. I am sure that you have a favorite movie to share or just watch recently. Why do not you share it with us?

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2 Responses to Reel Weekend #8 Dear John

  1. Cookie says:

    Mommy jess, sorry kaayo for my delayed visit. nawala na tawon ko sa passing sa kadaghan meme giapilan, haha. better late than never diba?
    Haven’t watched this film although I like the actors playing the characters on the book. I’m not so into lovestory also but hubby’s convincing me to watch it. Wala bay namatay? haha. Basta Nicolas Sparks, mamatay mn gud ang main character woi, hehe. But I am still planning to watch this film one of these days.
    Was here for RW

  2. raya says:

    heartwarming movie! I love it! thanks for joining Sis J! sorry for the late visit..

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