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Keeping the check out faster

How often do you do your grocery shopping? I usually go to a store once a week. I have to make sure that I have an everything on my list before going to the check out counter. You can go … Continue reading

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Tim Horton’s sign

My husband likes to go to Tim Horton’s drive thru for a cup of coffee. Are you a coffee drinker too? He really drinks many cups of coffee a day. I made him four cups of coffee in the coffee … Continue reading

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Posted by Hyman Weeks The new show Homeland is the best new series on tv. If you haven’t seen it, check your direct tv listings for when it comes on. I initially began watching it because parts of it were filmed locally. … Continue reading

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Shrimp Scampi

I learned this Shrimp Scampi from the owner of kitchen explorers. Thank you Mommy Jess for the recipe. I do appreciate it. I like shrimp and this recipe is not exempted. This is very easy to cook too. The taste … Continue reading

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Floor that impressed the customer

I always admire floors that are very clean and shiny. I wonder how they do care of the floor. I have read about floor cleaning news and how important cleanliness especially for the customers. I am glad that my kids’ … Continue reading

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Protecting your babies head with this chic hats

My baby girl is now five years old. I miss seeing her in her infant hat. She looks so precious. Why does she grow up so fast? Hats are very important for babies to keep their body warm. They got … Continue reading

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Received our return address labels

My husband asks me if I can order the return address label for him online. We still have the return address label but there are few left. I placed the order for him. It was cheap and free shipping too. … Continue reading

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How to protect your files in your computer

I bought my desk top computer from the funds from our wedding lasts 2002. Our desk top computer is almost ten years old. Surprisingly, this month it stops working for me. I was very sad because I have important files … Continue reading

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Reel Weekend #8 Dear John

This is one of my favorite movies for 2010. When I watch the trailer, I told myself I want to have a copy and I did. I like the story. It is romantic and full of passion. I like the … Continue reading

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Spend your bucks at Nomorerack

Shopping is a fun thing to do especially for women. Buying designer products at the store is very expensive. It costs an arm and a leg for shoppers like me. Shopper tends to look for alternatives. I was browsing at the internet … Continue reading

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