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Ginger in her pink fleece coat

This is not our dog. This is my sister-in-law’s dog named Ginger. Isn’t she adorable? Ginger looks so warm wearing her pink fleece coat whiles playing outside with a ball. My little girl did not see this picture yet. I … Continue reading

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Favorite Things

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott Travelling is one of my favorite things in the whole world, I’ll tell you that. And over the past ten years I’ve gotten better and better at it, so much so that many … Continue reading

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One of my favorite movies “Romeo and Juliet”

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. They were both young on this romantic but tragic movie. I love this movie in fact it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I even have my VCR copy. … Continue reading

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Our Gateway desktop is not working after ten years

It is time to buy a new computer. The kids use this desk top while I am using the lap top. I guess our desk top served us good for ten years. We bought the computer with our gifts from … Continue reading

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Where to have a help with your back

My Mom has a friend in Texas. They have been friends for a long time. Both of them need help with their health especially on their back. They are very hard workers during their youth days, now they are in … Continue reading

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Fashionably footwear by Dereon shoes

Every fashion fan loves shoes. You should check out for stylish footwear in style. They have heels or boots available for your sizes. They have the stylish shoes and the hottest trend. This is your great chance to buy the … Continue reading

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Printing invoice makes it easy

Aren’t you tired of the invoices that take a while to print? You waited for a long line and somebody are behind you. I am sure it is an embarrassing situation. This problem is finally solved. All you need is … Continue reading

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Planning to buy a new vehicle

Growing up in the Philippines, I take public vehicles where ever I want to go. It only costs few money and you arrive your destination. Now that I live in America, I need to learn how to drive and I … Continue reading

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How to keep the kids healthy

I let my kids have an orange juice every morning now that the weather is very chilly outside. They need vitamin C. They also take multi-vitamins after breakfast. It has the complete vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy. My … Continue reading

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Is your family still uninsured? Try America Health Insurance

We are lucky that my family has a healthcare insurance. We also have lower health premiums because my husband’s companies pay some of our insurance. When you look for insurance, you will check that it has the best health insurance … Continue reading

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