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Beautiful personalized stationery sets for your business

I started writing when I was in sophomore high school. I sent fan mails to my favorite actor. I am happy every time they reply me back with an autograph picture. How I wish I saved their letters and pictures … Continue reading

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Wearing Smurfette winter hat

My little girl likes the Smurf movie. She likes Smurfette her favorite character in the movie. I went to Target store and saw this winter hat and gloves. I bought it right away. I know she will look adorable in … Continue reading

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Choosing advantage term life insurance is the best

People cannot live without insurance. It is our families’ health treasure.  Does your family has the insurance yet? If not please check out Find out what is perfect for you and your families perfect insurance. I am sure you … Continue reading

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I am forever grateful to Mr. E for picking us up

I was driving to the city yesterday for a kids Halloween show. I already arrived at the area but could not find a place to park. I drive to the next street to look for a parking place but could … Continue reading

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Where to get funds for emergencies

A business is successful if you treat your employees fair. The employees work and receives compensations regularly right on time. There are times that business owner run out of money to pay for their employees. Do you know where to … Continue reading

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A Christmas gifts for my brothers are the Reebok shoes

Christmas is only two months away. I think of buying my brothers overseas a Rebook shoes. I know that Reebok shoes are very expensive in my home town. I will call my Mom to make I will buy the right … Continue reading

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How electronic payments save time and energy for everybody

My husband sometimes asks me to pay the bills online. I like electronic payments because it is very easy to pay our debts online. You receive confirmation for your records. It saves also stamps and times than sending payment through … Continue reading

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What do you call this white?

This was taken last year of February on our pond. The family was done ice skating. I ask my son to take a picture of me. This is what I see on the picture. What is it? Do you think, … Continue reading

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Why house address and plaques are important

Growing up our house has no address plaque. It is very hard to find you when somebody is looking for you like a classmate or a friend. It is not like here in America that most houses have the address … Continue reading

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Deer in our backyard

My husband loves hunting as you know. He just bought an outdoor camera set on one of the tree in our backyard. He always checks the SD card to see if there are pictures inside. I uploaded the pictures in … Continue reading

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