Mega Follow Weekend

Thank you to our lovely sponsors mumwrites, Hands full of Life  and Postcard Enthusiast for sponsoring the mega follow weekend. This weeks task to follow Google Friend Connect, like the Facebook page and follow Twitter. I love joining this caravan every weekend. It is wonderful to know and learn more about your journal friends. All my links are on the left side. Please follow me and definitely will follow you all. Please leave me a comment so I will know who to follow. Have the fun friends  and let us start following.

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51 Responses to Mega Follow Weekend

  1. macherie says:


    Old GFC follower
    Twitter as macherietfd
    Facebook page as Macherie Tfd

  2. rachelle says:

    hi! old FB liker and GFC & Twitter follower.

  3. Edsie says:

    Done!! If you haven’t visited mine, I’ll see you at my page.. thanks!!

  4. hi!

    i followed you in GFC:Icar(maria carmela maghirang)
    twitter (@eekar)
    liked your FB page (icar pampolina maghirang)

    thanks and more power!

    Icar of

  5. Here for WBFC! Done all three – GFC (Theresa Enriquez), twitter (mtgambrocio) and FB like (Thess Ambrocio Enriquez)!
    See me at my page

  6. Mei says:

    Hello. I followed you already. 🙂

    Twitter: @jojomei
    FB: Juenea Mei Chagas
    GFC: Mei Chagas

    I hope you follow back. 🙂

  7. Karen says:

    followed you
    FB Karen Tuazon
    GFC Ken Tuazon
    Twitter carpemalaya

  8. chie says:

    a mega follower here from WBFC

    twitter – garychie
    fb – Chie LopezW
    gfc – Chie_Wilks

    i hope u could mega follow me back

  9. pleasure to visit your blog!

    twitter: @crumpyblog
    gfc:crumpylicious blog
    facebook: crumpyblog liong-gan

  10. mommy-jheng says:

    Done with the MEGA Follow
    GFC and FB : Jheng Ingua
    Twitter : Jadeingua

    God Bless!

  11. Mega-Followed:)

    GFC: genejosh
    FB: Genebei Faith
    Twitter: genejosh

    WBFC #24 participant #11 Fashion Explorer

  12. Lizzie says:

    Followed GFC: Lizzy Overcashed
    Twitter: @lizmoneyweb
    FB Follower as Lizzie Dee
    My entry for Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

  13. thanks for the follow sis, old GFC & Twitter follower, liked your page 🙂

  14. mommy nuts says:

    thanks for visiting my WBFC entry. mega followed you back sis!
    GFC: nuts
    twitter: @mommynuts
    FB: nora aquino

  15. gagay says:

    thanks for the MEGA FOLLOW..doing back the favor!

    fb:gagay dinampo

  16. late follower, but it’s okay to be late than never, he he he, thanks.

  17. yuuki says:

    sorry for the late mega follow…

    GFC – Yuuki
    FB – Yuu Ki
    twitter – yuuki0306

  18. hi sis, following back. thanks for the visit!

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  20. thanks for visiting and following, returning the favor 😀 new follower via GFC and FB old fan sorry no twitter yet.

  21. Janice says:

    Thanks for the follow! Mega-followed you back. 😀

    GFC: Janice Lim
    FB: Janice Lim
    Twitter: flippertail

  22. Guerrera says:

    done following thru twitter (jadeleon83), gfc & fb (janet de leon), from

  23. Mirage says:

    GFC followed as gmirage (tulip avatar)
    Liked as Matsumoto
    Twitter followed as g_mirage2…

    Thanks for the follow!

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