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Pink jewelry box

I do not own this jewelry box. I saw this at the mall one time when I went shopping. It would be nice to have this for my little girl’s room. It surely adds the beauty in her pink room. … Continue reading

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Boots that are perfect for fall fashion

Fall is officially here. It is time to wear boots that are great for the season. I like to wear boots. It is great to wear with jeans. Boots that are durable and very fashionable. I am very happy that … Continue reading

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Watch that will lasts

Do you like to wear watch? How long does your watch lasts? I have watch but I do not wear them. I remember my husband bought me a watch and I just drop it. I have tiny wrist that it … Continue reading

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Gay’s favorite place to make friends

Growing up, I see many gay around our neighborhood. They are fun to watch because they are very lively to talk too. I do not have the problem with gay people. I like them just like ordinary friends. I have … Continue reading

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A new Polaris red ATV for my son

My son got a new Polaris red ATV yesterday. It is an outlaw 90 and it comes with a helmet too. He really needed a new one. He can wait but his Daddy cannot. This time his Daddy buy him … Continue reading

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College Dropout Rates

I hope that when my son goes to college, we have funds ready for his education. He is only eight years old but we start open him a saving account when he was a baby. We want him to have … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and Birth in the US

I think we can minimize the pregnancy and birth rate in the US when we use protection especially for teens. They are too young to have a baby. Educating them about sex plays a big role. I know it sounds … Continue reading

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Survey about radio

I got a phone call while preparing dinner. It is a call about survey in radio. I like listening to radio. She asks me if I want to participate in the survey. They will send me questionnaire and you take … Continue reading

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How to treat back pain

Some people experience back pain from working too hard. My husband has a severe back pain because he worked as a roofer for 30 years. He bends usually when he is working. I know he is in severe back pain … Continue reading

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