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Adding a drain by the backyard

When it rain, our backyard is like a river. The water from the neighbor’s field will run to our backyard. It is very frustrating to see that water every time it rain. We install a pipe and cover the edge … Continue reading

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Facebook where shops makes it easy

I have many online friends in the computer. Some are old and some are acquaintances. I have not meet most of them but I have made real friendship. We chat and send messages to Facebook. It is also the best Website … Continue reading

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Fixing The Drain in the drive way

The water stays in our drive way when it rains. The drain is plug up on the backyard. We just had our drive way paved. It cost a fortune and we do not want to ruin it. My husband calls … Continue reading

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A best place for Botox treatment in Miami

Everybody wants to have a flawless face. People try take care of their skin as best as they can. But, sometimes we cannot stop the aging process, and the showing of wrinkles. There are many factors that can contribute to … Continue reading

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Have you ever see a kid’s small toilet bowl?

My daughter and I went shopping to Kohl’s lasts Saturday. I need to go to the bathroom so bad. I ask her if she wants to go to the bathroom. She said she do not have to go. I cannot … Continue reading

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Planning for a Hawaii cruise

Hawaii is one of my wildest dreams to visit. I have a first cousin from my father’s side that lives in Hawaii. She lived in Hawaii for over 20 years at least. We exchanged pictures once in a while. I … Continue reading

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I’m no high heel girl

I bought this shirt for my little girl and her cousins. We bought it at Target store today. The shirt cracks me up. It is a cute saying. Honestly, it described my personality. I am 5’4” tall for a Filipina … Continue reading

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Dreaming of having a swim spa

I love swimming. It is one of my favorite things to do. Growing up in a tropical country makes you a swimmer. I even learned how to swim in the river. Beach is only 10-20 minutes drive from where I … Continue reading

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Fixing My Partial Teeth

My partial teeth are losing. I could take it out with my tongue. I am glad that we have a dental insurance. I can now take care of my teeth. Growing up, I never have a regular teeth cleaning. Every … Continue reading

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Best Coverage with Hurricane Irene

I love to watch TV with my spare time. We are lucky that we have three TVs’ in our house.  You can watch TV in the kitchen, the family room and in the living room. The kids can watch their … Continue reading

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