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Need New Lawn Mower Blades

We went to the lawn mower place yesterday. My husband needs to buy a new blades for his Cub Cadet lawn mower. We have a big backyard that sometimes the machine stumble into a rock. It ruins the blades. He … Continue reading

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Super Mario Brothers Wii Game

I am lucky that my kids get along well. They always play together. They are buddies. I hope they grow up like this. One of their favorite thing to do is play Wii games. They love to play Super Mario … Continue reading

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Transform Your Backyard Into A Paradise

Summer is always fun to explore outside. It is the time of the year to enjoy outside. You do not need to go some where to enjoy. You can have the fun in your own backyard. All you need is … Continue reading

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I Am Happy Where I live

I live in NY and we only get blizzard for a severe scenario. I know it is very cold in the Winter. I am still happy where we live. I can use the fire place inside the house and warm … Continue reading

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My Husband Bought Fish Scale

Yesterday my husband bought a fish scale in Walmart. We love to shop in Walmart. It is convenient of where we live. The prices are cheaper too. We love fishing in our pond. The pond is stock with many kind … Continue reading

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Favorite Shows To Watch Are ICarly And Victorious

My son is only eight years old. He is still my baby boy. I cannot believed that he likes to watch teenage show now. He has new favorite shows to watch on TV. They are ICarly and Victorious. They are … Continue reading

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Ways On How To Have Exposure In Your Business

Do you have a business in the internet? Wonder on how to have the exposure in your business? Try online marketing, to have your business exposes in the web wide world. The more costumers know your business online. The more … Continue reading

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Our Father’s Day Cakes

My friend Ms. L bring this beautiful cake. Thank you so much friendship. I also bought a cake. There are two delicious cakes on Father’s Day. How about that. It was a perfect way to end the celebration to the … Continue reading

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My Husband Has A Dentist Appointment

Today my husband has a  dentist appointment. I do not like going to the dentist. I hate opening my mouth. I feel like a fool. I know I am due for a cleaning too for a month or so. I … Continue reading

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Our New Basketball Court

This is our new basketball court set. It is called Goliath Glass. It is cemented on the ground. It is very durable. I hope the wind will not blow it down. What I love about the new basketball court is … Continue reading

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