Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software protection

This virus software protection called Kaspersky Internet Security came in the bundle of my Toshiba laptop when I bought it couple months ago. The virus software comes in two disk. One disk is for PCS and one disk is for MAC. I only downloaded for PCS. The virus software also protects three computers. I downloaded one in my Toshiba laptop. I also downloaded it in my Acer laptop. I have to download the last virus software in my desktop.

Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software

The Kapersky Internet Security virus software is very easy to download. All you do is insert the disk and instructions will show in the monitor. I visit other journals that I need to scan my Toshiba laptop everyday. Yesterday, my Toshiba laptop runs so slow and of course I panicked. I cannot finish my work online if my connection is slow than the turtle.

Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software good for PCs
Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software good for Ma
What I did was? I re-install my Kapersky Internet Security virus software. My connection works very fast. I finished all my work online knowing that my connection is working now.

Make sure you update your virus software protection especially if you notice that your connection is very slow.

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How to help your business attracts more buyers

Creating a business is not easy I am sure. It does not matter if you own by yourself or in joint ownership. It is not easy if your business is in the internet too. You have to attract more buyers to check your business online.

Here is an amazing website where you can ask help on how to attract your buyers online. I used to sell clothes or anything through Ebay. I really missed doing it. I cannot wait to try selling again. Now I know that I can ask help on how to promote my auctions online.

Why not try it too? This company is waiting for your phone call. They are willing to help you on your business. They are willing to help you to gain more exposure thorough the internet. Check it out during your free time.


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Phones that last for a long period

I admit I do not like my cell phone. It is a simple that you can flip to open. There is nothing great about it.

 photo mycellphone_zpsfedf029c.jpg
The signal is not even good. Sometimes the other line cannot hear me clearly. It is loose as well. I really wanted to change it for new cell phone. I keep on telling my husband to change it. I am not happy with my cell phone yet the husband can still contact me especially when I am driving with my kids.

 photo logo_zps622b94fd.png

I want my cell phone.I guess I have to save my money to get a new cell phone. I want this cell phone and the sat phone plans that come everything with it. I love that it comes a basic package. I love the GPS the most. I also love that I connect the USB to my computer. It comes with everything you need. It has a car charger, wrist wrap and aside from the GPS a USB. The battery will last eight (8) hours which are enough to stay connected with my husband if the kids and I were gone for a long hours. It is sale for $599 now. I will show it to my husband and maybe I could have as mother’s gift or anniversary gift.

 photo isatphone-pro-vertical-angle-1_zpsa6e3d607.jpg

You can also buy the satellite phone iridium if you are looking for more features. This phone also comes in a basic package. The package includes handset with battery, AC & DC Charger, international plug kit, hands free headset, mini USB port, leather case, magnet mount antenna, antenna adapter, user manual and software CD. I love that it has the international feature. It is perfect to use when you are traveling abroad. I love the leather case too. This comes with free shipping which is awesome to help you save some money. This phone is perfect to carry when go to the camp. Our old cell phone does not work because there is no signal. This phone is perfect and will keep my family safe while camping.

 photo iridium-9555-box_zpsa1fa6fcc.jpg

Communication is very important to stay in touch with our family. We have to make sure that we have the best phone to carry with us any where we go.

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Finally our return address label came in the mail

My husband asks me to order a return address label. The ones we have is almost use. He sticks the return address label when he pays our bills. It is very easy just to stick the return address than writing it.

return address label

I always order the return address label in the same company. It only cost $6.95 with free shipping. I ordered the 500 rolls. It took at least two weeks this time for our order to deliver in the mail. My husband has few return address left that he still can use. I am glad that it came today.

I ordered a rainbow design return address label. It is very simple which we like. We do not need the dispenser as we already have one. This is where the return address label keep and it is easy to roll if you need a return address.

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Five Tips to Keep Workplace Productivity High While Relocating Office

Relocating office can be a challenging time for any business due to downtime and reduced productivity. However, there are ways to reduce these impacts and to keep your workplace productivity high throughout the entire moving process; here’s how:

 photo map_zps55658c5f.jpg

1. Involve staff

It might sound obvious but involving your staff as much as possible from the outset of your office move is critical. The aim is to get people onboard and to take ownership of their workstations and the relocation project as a whole, from start to finish. Many employers will discuss the need to relocate office with staff from the very beginning, including the selection of an appropriate new building and its location. Serious consideration needs to be given to transport links and parking access for your new site so that staff, visitors and customers can easily access your business. Hold regular ‘relocation update’ meetings and ensure all relevant information and news is circulated to each and every staff member.

2. Plan, plan, plan

The key to any successful move is planning and organisation. Plan as far ahead as possible and around key periods of activity, deadlines and other significant calendar dates. Appoint a project manager who will oversee the move and be the ‘go to’ person for all staff and the removalist company you hire to physically move your office. Ensure the project has a clearly defined start and finish date, with key milestones to be hit along the way. The project manager should communicate the overall progress of the move with management and staff and be on-hand to provide assistance and troubleshooting when necessary.

3. Call in the experts

For some businesses, relocation can be a mammoth logistical undertaking. For example, can you imagine moving 17,059 shelves which hold 12.5 million documents?! This was what was required to relocate the Queensland Titles Office. With such complexity and manual labour involved, it makes sense to call in office relocation experts. For their move, the Titles Office used Elbowroom in Brisbane.

4. Hire more help

If your relocation budget will allow it, consider hiring some temporary staff or contractors to support your employees to deliver their day-to-day work and business targets. Your staff will feel supported and be more likely to maintain their productivity through the relocation exercise.

5. Plan a party

Moving office usually heralds a new start for a business and can provide new direction and momentum for the company overall. This should be celebrated and used to encourage staff to embrace the change rather than fight it. Plan a moving party that will be held after the relocation has been successful to reward and thank staff for their involvement and to focus everyone on the business’ direction and goals going forward.

Moving is generally not something that most of us enjoy. It’s hard work and for some people change is a good as a holiday and for others, it’s a nightmare. Ease the burden on your business by planning ahead, involving and communicating with staff from the outset and bringing on the necessary resources to make the whole exercise run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. At the end of it, celebrate the experience and what the move represents for your business.

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Coobie seamless bras the best and comfortable bra to wear

Coobie Seamless Bras are ultra comfortable and versatile without sacrificing style.

 photo coobieseamlessbras-bottomlogo_zpsb3a483d4.jpg
These affordable, stylish bras are seamless, one-size (comfortably fits 32A through 36D), available in 7+ styles and 50+ fashion colors and patterns.

 photo 9012lavender_zps464cd7cb.jpg
(photo not mine)
There is also a full size version fitting up to a size 42D. They are perfect for every day wear, yoga, pilates, new and nursing moms, sleep wear, and more! Coobie Seamless Bras also has a large following of mastectomy patients that love the soft comfort and pad pocket to insert a form. This line is truly a fit for all women!

 photo 9042ivory_zpsd1c4af6d.jpg
(photo not mine)

Promotion: Save 25% on any order of $40 or more at www.shopcoobie.com
Promotion code: USFG25

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A free Trax laptop sleeve that comes from my laptop bunde

I got this Trax laptop sleeve free with my laptop bundle. It fits 15.6″ laptop. It has a zipper on top where you can keep receipt or important documents. It has a zipper for easy opening and closing after your laptop is inside.

laptop sleeve
laptop sleeve

I really like this Trax laptop sleeve. The material is so smooth. It is made from Targus company. I really like this laptop sleeve. I can put my laptop inside when not using it. This cost only $9 but it comes with my laptop bundle.

laptop sleeve

How about you? How do you keep your laptop safe? Do you have a laptop sleeve too?

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Lead from the front: The importance of leaders practicing what they preach

Hypocrisy is never a good trait to have in any stream of life and it is definitely not a good trait for a leader. Now there are many types of leadership styles but when it comes to businesses, there is no more important leadership trait than practicing what you preach.

HBA Learning Centres

As with any employer, you shouldn’t expect anything from your staff that you wouldn’t expect from yourself. This can put a lot of pressure on staff – especially if you have high expectations of yourself – but if you’ve hired your employees well and they can see that you’re the type of boss that leads from the front, they will follow that lead.

The old adage goes that you should treat people how you expect to be treated, and this ties directly to how you should treat and work with your employees. Respect in the workplace is one of the most vital commodities a leader can have. Without respect a leader only has a tenuous link to the authority that their position gives them; with respect a leader has all that authority and more.

Many great captains of industry started their journeys from the bottom of the pile. Slowly making their way to the top they climbed every rung of the ladder and along the way earned the respect of their peers. This hands on experience gives those leaders an instant advantage over others due to their knowledge and ability to work on the front lines of the business. They earned their respect early on whereas most leaders who are hired are unfamiliar with all facets of the business and sit up on high making decisions that directly affect employees.

If you want people to work more efficiently, roll up your sleeve and do their job for a day. Find out where the difficulties come from, where the inefficiencies lie and where you can make honest improvements. We’ve all worked in menial jobs at one time or another and we’ve all probably moaned when seemingly bizarre changes to the way we work come through from management. This is because some people in an office somewhere needed to come up with some changes to make it seem like they were doing their job. What they failed to do was to lead from the front and actually find out what changes would actually make a difference, not just hypothesise which ones would.

When leading from the front it’s also imperative that your employees feel like you’re in complete control of all facets of their job and their safety. Make sure you are up to date with your Certificate IV in Health and Safety because an efficient workplace is a safe workplace.

Think about what sort of leader you’d rather be. You could be the sort of leader who sits on a throne and makes decisions based on numbers and documents or you could be a leader like Captain Kirk, who was always the first to beam down to the planet’s surface and always put the safety of his crew first.

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Finally the iPad screen is fix

My son dropped the iPad few months ago. The iPad still working. The screen is broken. It needs to get fix. The side screen is broken. The kids still use it but I told them to be extra careful.

the iPad screen is finally fix

I brought the iPad to a computer repair shop. Unfortunately they do not fix iPad. He gives me the address of the place where they fix iPad but unfortunately I misplace the paper.

an iPad sleeve

We bought my new lap top at Best Buy and ask the sales clerk if he knows a place where they fix an iPad. We found the place and they can fix the iPad. They do not have the glass to screen to replace the iPad. They have to order it. We waited and took almost four weeks for them to call us back.

My husband brings the iPad back with him after he got home from work. It also comes with a sleeve. I ask him if he bought it. He said it comes from the repair shop. I think that was nice of the repair shop to give the sleeve as free after repairing the iPad.

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My new Toshiba laptop computer

I never imagine that I will get a new laptop. I have used my Acer laptop for at least five years now. It still works but it shuts off without any warning at all. It drives me nuts especially when I am writing articles. I did not save my document. My Acer laptop runs slow as well which takes forever to load.

My new Toshiba lap top

One time I was using my Acer laptop and my husband is on the couch. He sees me with a sad face. He asks me what is wrong? I told him that I hate this computer now. It just shuts off right away. He then told me that he will buy me a new laptop when he sold his furs from his trapping. I told him it is up to him.

My new Toshiba lap top

He sold his furs and the amount is higher than last year. He then told me to buy me a new laptop as my gift for keeping up with him while he is trapping. I told him thank you. I told him to buy himself something than buying me a new laptop. He works hard to get the money from his furs. He said it is his gift. I have no choice but to accept it.

My new Toshiba lap top

We went to Best Buy and bought this Toshiba laptop. I was planning on getting the HP but there is few dollars difference from Toshiba. Why not get this instead and pay few dollars. They have the same bundle with the HP too.

My new Toshiba lap top
My new Toshiba lap top

This Toshiba laptop is run by Windows 8. It also comes with a free wireless mouse. It also comes with a virus software that I can install in three computers. It also comes with a free laptop sleeve to keep the laptop safe when I am not using it. It also comes with a free USB where I can save all my pictures. The Toshiba laptop is very easy to install. I thought that I will have a problem installing it. I did installed it and it works wonderful. I still have to learn more about the functions. It is indeed different from my Acer laptop. I will send my old Acer laptop to my niece. I need to buy a new battery before I send it to her. I have to bring it to the computer repair shop and clean it from unwanted files that were installed. I want to say thank you to my husband for this generous gift. It cost $379 and we paid it cash which is awesome.

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