I am sure it feels comfortable sitting on this convertible car

One of the husband of my sister-in-law has a convertible car. I really love their car. It looks very cool, elegant and so fancy. I am sure we cannot afford to buy it for ourselves. I am wondering I bet it is very comfortable sitting on that convertible car.

 photo convertiblecar_zpsa1806316.jpg
 photo convertiblecarA_zps254a97da.jpg

Mr. T is such a lucky guy to own this amazing and fun car. He is a retired Math teacher. He even allows me to take a picture of him with my sister-in-law before leaving. He also allow me to take a picture of the car when the roof is about to lift. I am sure this car cost a fortune.

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Changed the oil in my car

When I turn on my car, a message is flashing on the dashboard. It says that I need to change the oil of my Chevrolet Malibu car. I do not know how to it. I told my husband about it. He drove that car to a car service and ask for a change oil. I am glad that we did it. Finally the message is gone when I turn on the engine. It makes me feel comfortable driving that my car is safe and the engine is very clean. My husband change the oil by himself before. He said it is not worth of his time. He wants the car services do it next time which he did.

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Hurricane Tour Shop your best store to buy gifts for any golf fan in your life

My husband and my son love to play golf. I am so very happy that my son finally played the golf in the real golf course with his Daddy. They played golf to two different golf course now. They stop playing for while as my son broke his wrist but not from playing golf. He broke it from riding the golf cart like a crazy young driver. He is wearing cast and will remove in three or four weeks.

 photo nikegolfshirts_zps01db10a1.jpg

Anyway, I was given a $50 gift card by Hurricane Tour Shop to buy anything I want from their store. Their store is very easy to shop and order too. My husband’s birthday is coming. I bought him two Nike golf shirts that are on sale for $30. I bought two different colors red and lime green in size large. The shirts are very soft and looks adorable. The shirts are made of 58% cotton and 42% polyester. I cannot wait to give them to my husband. I am sure that he will love his gifts from me.

 photo NikeshirtsA_zpsf90c37e8.jpg

My order arrived today from Fed-Ex. They ship your items very quick too which I love about this store. The costumer representative is very friendly too. They respond to any question you ask very quickly. By the way, the Hurricane Golf Tour offers save 15% by entering the promo code blog14. You can check out here too. Please do not forget to like them on Facebookfollow on Twitter,Pinterest, Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube video.

I received the $50 gift card and use it to buy in the store. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% honestly mine. It might be different with others.

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Our golf cart is finally fix

I have no clue that my husband dropped the golf cart for repair. I guess because I never go outside when the weather was very cold. i have no clue what is going on outside.


The golf cart store and repair shop

The golf cart store and repair shop

Anyway, it was a week ago when my husband asks me if I want to go with him. I ask him where are we going. He said we are going to pick up the golf cart. I was surprise really that the golf cart is broken or something.


what a small but cute golf cart store and repair shop

what a small but cute golf cart store and repair shop

We took the truck and hook up the trailer. It is a small place where they sell and fix golf cart. It is not far from where we live. It might be 20 minutes drive. I also see some golf carts that are for sale near the road. They are all look nice. It is different from our golf cart.


Do you want to buy a golf cart too?

Do you want to buy a golf cart too?


yay! finally our golf cart is fix

yay! finally our golf cart is fix

The husband owes $20 just for the materials that the guy used to repair our golf cart. This is also where we bought our golf cart. We are now happy especially the husband that his golf cart is finally fix. He said he really missed riding his golf cart.

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Have fun with your family at Adventure Speedway

Adventure Speedway is The Place to Play! We have something for everyone, from kids to adults so the whole family can enjoy all of the excitement that Adventure Speedway has to offer.

 photo leaderboard_RideSplashPlay-wheatfield_zps635824ba.gif
Adventure Speedway is pay-as-you-play, so you can enjoy one or all of our attractions! Stay cool during the summer and get splashed in our Bumper Boats! Twist and turn on our Go-Karts or perfect your gaming skills in our Family Arcade.

 photo tile_BTC-wheatfield_zps22ae194b.jpg
Adventure Speedway is affordable family fun…so close to home! Use this coupon to save at Adventure Speedway in Wheatfield – a – 100 Arcade Tokens for $15!
b – Buy One Go-Kart Ride, Get One Go-Kart Ride Free!
c – Buy One Bumper Boat Ride, Get One Bumper Boat Ride Free!
d – $10 Off Any Birthday Party.
Limit 1 coupon per party per day.
All offers are not valid with any other offers or discounts. One per person per day. The free go-kart and bumper boat rides must be used by the same guest.


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Looking for best place to dine check out Restaurant.com

Christmas is very far. Yet! I am looking for a perfect restaurant for my in-law’s to dine. They love to eat in the restaurant. It would be awesome if I could find the best restaurant for them to eat or dine during any special occasion they want to celebrate. I am thankful that I found this website restaurant.com where I can order gift cards or make reservation for my in-laws in advance. I could use also a perfect restaurant for my husband and I during our lunch date.

 photo restaruantcomdinner2_zpsc1bce4a6.png
Specials by Restaurant.com Blockbuster MOVIE event Restaurant.com, the trusted and valued source connecting restaurants and diners nationwide, wants to help kick-start your summer with a blockbuster event! Whether you’re celebrating mom or just looking for a night out, enjoy this Specials by Restaurant.com Dinner and A Movie deal. With this exclusive offer from Specials by Restaurant.com, you’ll get two movie tickets to use at one of your favorite movie theaters along with a $50 Restaurant.com eGift Card, all for just $28! Don’t miss out on this show stopping event as this offer is only available for a limited time! Specials by Restaurant.com deals make great gift ideas for everyone. Locate your theater here and you’ll be on your way. Please check out some deals here too.

 photo restaruantcomdinner1_zpsfa7e4528.jpg

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I claimed my Klout Perk of a domain and the Office 365 free from GoDaddy

I am so excited that I now have a Klout account. Do you have a Klout account too? It is very easy to create. You can log in your Facebook or Twitter. I used my Twitter. The active you are in Klout, the more chances you will receive a Klout perk.

 photo office365_zps5b376ec7.jpg

This is my first Klout Perk that I claimed for myself. I also claimed a free movie for my little girl. She did enjoyed that kids movie. She has the opportunity to watch the movie for 11 minutes but it is not release on the public yet. How cool is that, right?

 photo myniecenewblog_zps02179e60.jpg

Anyway, I cannot wait to learn and have fun with the Office 365 from GoDaddy. I cannot believe that Klout sent me this amazing program for free. I also get a chance to have a free domain aside from Office 365.

I have to set up the free domain. I cannot wait for these awesome Klout Perk that I received. I want to say thank you to Klout for this amazing perks.

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Coobie Seamless bras the best bra I ever wear

I received two of Coobie seamless bras yesterday. I received the scoopneck style in black. I also received the Vneck lace trim style in purple. Both of these bras has adjustable straps. They are both size fits all.

 photo coobiebrassiereF_zps07f7964b.jpg

I am wearing the black color right now. It feels so comfortable. I really love this Coobie bra. It feels like not wearing a bra at all. The coobie bra is my favorite brand of bra now.

 photo coobiebrassieres_zpsa8518dfd.jpg

Though I have many bra in my drawers, nothing compare the comfort does Coobie bra has to offer. They are seamless so it does not hurt your breast. There is no wires which help my skin from not itchy. I have very sensitive skin. I did not itch since I wear the Coobie bra since this morning.

 photo coobiebrassiereA_zps66928b62.jpg
 photo coobiesbrassiereC_zps6d7bd5ab.jpg

If you are looking for a new bra to wear or a gift, why not check out their Website?

 photo coobiebrassiereB_zps99787048.jpg
My black scoopneck bra cost $22.

 photo coobiesbrassiereD_zps17d73e42.jpg
While the purple Vneck lace trim cost $22. Their bra is very affordable. You can find any style you want.

I received the bras from Coobie for free. I did not recieve any compenation. All my thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. It might be different from other.

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Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software protection

This virus software protection called Kaspersky Internet Security came in the bundle of my Toshiba laptop when I bought it couple months ago. The virus software comes in two disk. One disk is for PCS and one disk is for MAC. I only downloaded for PCS. The virus software also protects three computers. I downloaded one in my Toshiba laptop. I also downloaded it in my Acer laptop. I have to download the last virus software in my desktop.

Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software

The Kapersky Internet Security virus software is very easy to download. All you do is insert the disk and instructions will show in the monitor. I visit other journals that I need to scan my Toshiba laptop everyday. Yesterday, my Toshiba laptop runs so slow and of course I panicked. I cannot finish my work online if my connection is slow than the turtle.

Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software good for PCs
Kaspersky Internet Security my new virus software good for Ma
What I did was? I re-install my Kapersky Internet Security virus software. My connection works very fast. I finished all my work online knowing that my connection is working now.

Make sure you update your virus software protection especially if you notice that your connection is very slow.

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How to help your business attracts more buyers

Creating a business is not easy I am sure. It does not matter if you own by yourself or in joint ownership. It is not easy if your business is in the internet too. You have to attract more buyers to check your business online.

Here is an amazing website where you can ask help on how to attract your buyers online. I used to sell clothes or anything through Ebay. I really missed doing it. I cannot wait to try selling again. Now I know that I can ask help on how to promote my auctions online.

Why not try it too? This company is waiting for your phone call. They are willing to help you on your business. They are willing to help you to gain more exposure thorough the internet. Check it out during your free time.


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