My new TJ Maxx credit card

This is the only credit card that I used. I always shop at TJ Maxx and finally apply for a new credit card. I am thinking it for a long time if I apply or not. I told my hubby about it. It was fine with him so I did applied.

 photo TJ Maxx card_zpsstovr8w1.jpg

I also got my first $10 coupon after using my credit card. My hubby is paying for my TJ Maxx credit card bill. I seldom used it. I usually buy clothes for my kids. There clothes are all designer brands at cheaper prizes. My son loves his golf clothes from TJ Maxx.

How about you? Do you own a credit card too? How many do you own? Do you shop often and use your credit card?

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Grab the amazing deals for any of your musical instrument needs

Summer is the best time to buy the musical instruments you need and even their accessories. You are in luck to check the website for best deals. This is your chance to save some money and buy the needs with amazing prices. Please explore the Website and enjoy the savings you used. It does help big time.  Today is your chance to grab that musical instruments you wanted so badly to buy.





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How to easy for your kids to practice playing guitar

I remember when my summer babe still learning how to play guitar. She does not play acoustic guitar. She only plays regular guitar. I know that I plan to give her a gift like this acoustic guitar holder for Christmas. Unfortunately she stopped playing the guitar. We still have her guitar keep in her guitar case. I want to learn it by myself. We both love to play music. I do not know how to play any instrument though. Do you think she will help Mommy how to play the guitar. This would be fun bonding with my summer babe.



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What a beautiful day to wash my car

I have driven almost five years now. I am still a very new driver. I learned new things every time I drive. It is a daily learning process. I am still afraid to drive through highways. I have to learn how to merge before I can drive highways. I am awesome with regular roads and try to stay away from aggressive or road rage drivers.


My baby Chevrolet Malibu is all cleaned and ready to get dirty again.

My baby Chevrolet Malibu is all cleaned and ready to get dirty again.

Yesterday was a very warm day. My hubby and I spent a lot of time outside. I washed my car. It saves me money than go in the car wash.All you need is hose, a bucket full of soapy water and big sponge. You also need a towel to dry it up.

It was fun cleaning my car. It is a Chevrolet Malibu, She looks so clean and ready to get dirty again .

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Digital Media Academy is the fun thing to do this summer

Founded at Stanford University, Digital Media Academy is ranked as one of the ten best summer camps in the world.

 photo blue_logo-1_zpsb691ecmc.png

Save $75 off summer camps at Digital Media Academy with code TECHSUMMER at Sign up for multiple weeks and save big! Campers save $125 for each additional course they register for. Register by May 31 to #CreateTheNext best-selling app this summer!

 photo adventures_zpsy4i0lagl.jpg

Kids and teens learn computer programming, app development, 3D modeling, robotics, graphic design, filmmaking, and much more. DMA summer camps are one or multiple week experiences taught by industry experts and tech professionals. Campers get hands-on experience creating projects using the latest hardware and software from Apple, Canon, Adobe, and more.

 photo dma3dmodelingandanimationstudentworking-1_zpscvjszlgw.jpg
Digital Media Academy is also proud to introduce Made by Girls, a new program dedicated to empowering girls and closing the gender gap in the tech industry.

 photo dmaadventuresinphotographygraphicdesign-1_zpslekb7mkf.jpg
Give your teen a pre-collegiate experience or build a child’s confidence through project-based learning. Learn at some of the most prestigous colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Save $75 off summer camps at Digital Media Academy with code TECHSUMMER at Sign up for multiple weeks and save big! Campers save $125 for each additional course they register for. Register by May 31 to #CreateTheNext best-selling app this summer!

 photo dmafilmmakersworktogether-1_zpsvc1we5ny.jpg

The DMA Experience from Digital Media Academy on Vimeo.

Questions? Call 1(866)656-3342 to speak with a Guest Service Representative or email and mention the US Family Guide Special Offer

#CreateTheNext this summer at Digital Media Academy!

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HDMI cable brings the magic from computer to TV

My husband is mad that he cannot watch the Masters golf tournament when it started. The TV coverage is later He is really mad. I told him about the cable you plug-in from your computer to the TV so you can watch it from your TV. He asks me to buy in Wal-Mart. I told him how about in Radio Shack. He searched for the their phone line. I called the local store if they sell it.

 photo HDMI cable_zpsbieysuu5.jpg

Luckily they sold it in their store. The cable is called HDMI. It will function is you have HDMI input in your computer and TV. I am not sure if we have those inputs. I took a picture of both the computer and the TV. The guy said that I have both the HDMI. He showed me sizes of the HDMI. I ended buying the 6″. It was on sale too.

 photo HDMI cable A_zps8o93ysuu.jpg

It worked perfectly on our TV. I have bought a cable too before. I guess I bought the wrong kind. Now my husband is so happy that he can watch the Masters live than waiting for a later on TV.

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Where to buy beautiful selections of furniture

We definitely need a dining table set especially when we are having party in our house. We have a vacant room where the kids use it as a play room for now. We also need a new couch. I know that my hubby is planning on buying soon.

I really want a new dining set table. I found some beautiful designs from bernhardt sofas and tables deals. I wonder if they have a location in our place too. I will tell my husband and will check their store.

How about you? Do you also need new furniture in your house? Why not check this Website and buy your perfect furniture.

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We need a new CD player

Summer is almost here. My family will stay outside and enjoy the weather. We love to swim in our pool. We also love listening to music. It is fun to swim when there is music.

We need a new CD player

We need a new CD player

Our old CD player does not play well. It drives me crazy. What happen was? It got wet by the rain when I accidentally left it outside at night. We need to buy a new CD player. This would be our third CD payer and hope this tile I can protect from the rain.

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How to enjoy your instrument from far places

Playing music is so much fun especially when you are having the best tine of your life. I am sure that musician loves their job. Adoring fans like me love their music in return. I have the favorite musicians that I hope one day I can witness them perform like Pink, Bruno Mars, Katie Perry and Meghan Trainor to name few.

I am sure that before these performers travel around the world. They have to make sure that they bring their musical instruments and accessories like this clear connect. It helps  them easy to perform and even in father distance. Crowds are loud and that is why you need the best accessories so you can perform very well.

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My summer babe’s new Kindle case cover

I do not know how many times her Kindle was fix. I am glad that it still in warranty. She also need a new Kindle case.

Thank you Santa for my new Kindle case cover

Thank you Santa for my new Kindle case cover

I am glad that Santa brought her one last Christmas. I love that is pink which is one of her favorite colors. I am happy that so far her Kindle is still working. The new Kindle case works great. It helps her use her Kindle easily. Right now she uses it to watch You Tube videos with videos on how to draw animals aside from playing with MineCraft.

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