Prevention on how not to get a blood clot

When you work in an office for a very long period of time, make sure you stretch your body too. You might be to focus with your computer and that you have a cramps. You have to make sure you take breaks and maybe walk around to avoid blood clot.

I knew I had this before when I gave birth to my son. I did not expect that I will experience it. You can read and learn symptoms on how not to have it. March 12th also is the greatest day from American Blood Clot Association. You can also donate your blood to help others. Donating a blood is such an amazing feeling t know that you can help and save life.

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iPad case cover to protect my son’s mini iPad

Santa bought my son a mini iPad last Christmas. I am glad that Santa also bought him a case for his mini iPad.

My son's new mini iPad case cover

My son’s new mini iPad case cover

 It is perfect to keep his mini iPad safe and clean. I hope that this mini iPad will stay longer. He has a regular iPad that unfortunately his little sister dropped and broke the bottom corners. It still works but not his games. He downloaded new games to his mini iPad. My son is very happy about it.

How about you? How do you keep your kids gadgets?

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Are you looking for rings for your military heroes? 

I never have a family or relatives in America that works in a military. I am sure that those families who have a military is a big honor. They fight to protect our country America from the enemies inside and out. They devote and suffer their life to become heroes even sacrificing from missing family events and occasions. They are our heroes and they need the best gift to receive. Are you looking for military ring that you cannot wait for your hero? This Website sells different kind and style for that perfect heroes of the town. Why not check them out.

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My son got a mini iPad from Santa last Christmas

He had a regular iPad. Unfortunately the little sister dropped and broke the screen. We brought it to the repair shop but the guy said it cost as much as the new iPad. We waited and hope that Santa will bring him one for Christmas.

He did not expect that he will receive a mini iPad from Santa last Christmas. He was so happy having a new iPad but this time it is a mini. He cannot wait to play all his games in his new mini gadget. Now he can play with his little sister too.

got a new mini iPad from Santa last Christmas

got a new mini iPad from Santa last Christmas

My so taught that it is phone. He said that he does not need a phone. He was very happy that it was not a phone but a mini iPad. He was very appreciative.

got a new mini iPad from Santa last Christmas

got a new mini iPad from Santa last Christmas

How about your kids? Did they receive new gadget from Santa last Christmas?

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Tips on Buying a Golf Cart

If you’re in the market for a new golf cart, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the best cart for the money you spend. Before you make a purchase, you need to determine why you want a golf cart. Will it be for a golf course, or is it something that will be used at home to get yard work done or to take in the woods? There are different tires and accessories that you can get depending on the kind of cart that you have.


my summer babe giving her friends a ride around our backyard on her 8th birthday

my summer babe giving her friends a ride around our backyard on her 8th birthday

Try to stay away from the carts that have a lot of details that have been added because these will cost more money. Look at the tread on the tires. Make sure they are all the same brand because if they aren’t, then this might mean that one wears down faster than the others. Take the cart for a test drive. Whether you’re getting one that’s used or new, you need to take the time to see how the cart handles and rides. Look at the age of the battery, and check the brakes to see how well it stops. If the cart wobbles, then avoid getting it because it often means that the cart has issues with the suspension. Do some research on the cart before you make a final offer to learn more about the brand.

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I got a Samsung camera as my early Christmas birthday wish list 

I am so happy that I got an early Christmas birthday wish list granted. All I want is a camera before Santa came. Fortunately my Christmas birthday   wish list came true. I am so happy that I got this Samsung camera. I used to have black but fortunately it stop working. It will not charge anymore. I think it needs a new battery.


My new Samsung camera

My new Samsung camera


What do I loved about my new Samsung camera? I loved that it is very light. It is very easy to carry. I loved that it is a WiFi ready. I loved that I can charge it without changing batteries. I can also upload pictures right from the camera to the computer.

I am really enjoying my new Samsung camera. It is very easy to use. I loved how easy for the photos to rotate. I loved that I can hear voices when you play the camera. It takes beautiful pictures too.

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Four Reasons to Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business

It’s a great time to be alive for anyone with a little entrepreneurial spirit, or even those with the urge to break free from the shackles of the 9-5 grind and go it alone.

As the Internet continues to penetrate just about every aspect of our daily lives, the opportunities to get online and start our own business are coming thick and fast, and aren’t likely to stop any time soon.

There’s eCommerce stores to start, platforms to build to help us promote our offline services and a whole lot more, though one kind of business that is commonly overlooked actually involves helping others get online by providing quality and affordable hosting solutions.

Starting your own web hosting company doesn’t mean you have to run out and invest thousands in buying up lots of servers, or that you have to be some kind of technical genius to get everything set up and running.

When you become a web host reseller, most of the hard work is done for you, so all you have to concentrate on is finding customers and turning a profit.

Think this might be the right avenue for you to explore? Here’s just four reasons to start a web hosting reseller business.

1) It’s a natural step from your other business

OK, so this one may not apply to everybody, but for those already involved in offering Internet-related services to their customers, making the move into web hosting is often seen as a natural progression.

Perhaps you’re a web designer or digital marketer who is already helping clients to grow their business online or even creating their own ecommerce website. You’re often advising those  clients on which web hosting to buy, maybe you’re setting things up for them, or coming to the rescue when things go awry.

Wouldn’t it be nice where you could have one central location to host all your clients websites, and make a profit from it at the same time?

2) You don’t need a huge capital investment

Building your own web hosting company actually requires very little start-up costs compared to other businesses.

The provider you’re buying a plan from already has everything in place. They’ve spent the money on buying the servers and getting them set up, all you need to do is buy space from them that you can partition off and sell as you please.

At Hostgator for example, their aluminium plan, offering 50GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth comes in at just $24.95 per month.

The good news is, that as your business grows, you can always upgrade your reseller account and invest in more space.

3) All the support and tools you need to get started

Your hosting provider doesn’t just give you the actual server space, for your monthly fee, they’ll equip you with all the tools you’ll need to get started, along with ongoing support to help you manage your business long-term.

In many cases, this includes things like billing systems to help you handle payments, video tutorials branded with your business logo to help your customers make the most of their new hosting plan and an easy-to-use control panel making day-to-day admin of your reseller space a breeze.

Whilst you’ll normally be responsible for providing tech support to your customers should they encounter any difficulties, if you run into any problems yourself, you’ll normally find that your provider offers solid customer service to their reseller customers, so there’s always somebody to help if there’s a problem you can’t solve.

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Bought a new charger for my summer babe’s Kindle Fire

I cannot believe that I bought another charger for my summer babe’s Kindle Fire. She lost the last charger. She only used her Daddy’s cell phone charger to charge. She loves to play with her Kindle Fire. She is so crazy about the game Mine Craft.

 photo newchargerforherKindle_zpsb666283e.jpg

She also watches videos in You Tube. She needs her own charger. I hope this charger will last longer for her Kindle Fire . We bought it at Wal-Mart.

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How to guarantee to receive the guitar on Christmas

Is your son or daughter a guitarist? Do you want to give yourself the best guitar on your wish list? Is the gibson 335 in their Christmas or holiday wish list? You can guarantee to receive it on or before Christmas. You can even do your reservation privately from this Website. The guitars look beautiful. I know that my summer babe will surely wants this guitar when she grows up and play the guitars like nothing. She is still learning how to play guitar.

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What is wrong with my Samsung camera

I just used two days ago. Now it will not turn on. I even charge it but still nothing happen. I love my Samsung camera. I bought it from a fellow blogger like me. It has been two years since I own it. I love this camera. I love the zoom function the most.

I told my hubby about my camera. He said he will buy me a new camera. I just need to wait for next week. He has no money as he bought the kids gifts for Christmas. My birthday is coming too. I do not need gifts from him. He already bought me a winter coat from Victoria’s Secret. He said it will be my other birthday gift.

I like this Canon camera that I saw at Best Buy. I hope to buy one before Christmas. I need to take photos of my kids while they open their gifts from Santa.

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