Four Reasons to Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business

It’s a great time to be alive for anyone with a little entrepreneurial spirit, or even those with the urge to break free from the shackles of the 9-5 grind and go it alone.

As the Internet continues to penetrate just about every aspect of our daily lives, the opportunities to get online and start our own business are coming thick and fast, and aren’t likely to stop any time soon.

There’s eCommerce stores to start, platforms to build to help us promote our offline services and a whole lot more, though one kind of business that is commonly overlooked actually involves helping others get online by providing quality and affordable hosting solutions.

Starting your own web hosting company doesn’t mean you have to run out and invest thousands in buying up lots of servers, or that you have to be some kind of technical genius to get everything set up and running.

When you become a web host reseller, most of the hard work is done for you, so all you have to concentrate on is finding customers and turning a profit.

Think this might be the right avenue for you to explore? Here’s just four reasons to start a web hosting reseller business.

1) It’s a natural step from your other business

OK, so this one may not apply to everybody, but for those already involved in offering Internet-related services to their customers, making the move into web hosting is often seen as a natural progression.

Perhaps you’re a web designer or digital marketer who is already helping clients to grow their business online or even creating their own ecommerce website. You’re often advising those  clients on which web hosting to buy, maybe you’re setting things up for them, or coming to the rescue when things go awry.

Wouldn’t it be nice where you could have one central location to host all your clients websites, and make a profit from it at the same time?

2) You don’t need a huge capital investment

Building your own web hosting company actually requires very little start-up costs compared to other businesses.

The provider you’re buying a plan from already has everything in place. They’ve spent the money on buying the servers and getting them set up, all you need to do is buy space from them that you can partition off and sell as you please.

At Hostgator for example, their aluminium plan, offering 50GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth comes in at just $24.95 per month.

The good news is, that as your business grows, you can always upgrade your reseller account and invest in more space.

3) All the support and tools you need to get started

Your hosting provider doesn’t just give you the actual server space, for your monthly fee, they’ll equip you with all the tools you’ll need to get started, along with ongoing support to help you manage your business long-term.

In many cases, this includes things like billing systems to help you handle payments, video tutorials branded with your business logo to help your customers make the most of their new hosting plan and an easy-to-use control panel making day-to-day admin of your reseller space a breeze.

Whilst you’ll normally be responsible for providing tech support to your customers should they encounter any difficulties, if you run into any problems yourself, you’ll normally find that your provider offers solid customer service to their reseller customers, so there’s always somebody to help if there’s a problem you can’t solve.

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Bought a new charger for my summer babe’s Kindle Fire

I cannot believe that I bought another charger for my summer babe’s Kindle Fire. She lost the last charger. She only used her Daddy’s cell phone charger to charge. She loves to play with her Kindle Fire. She is so crazy about the game Mine Craft.

 photo newchargerforherKindle_zpsb666283e.jpg

She also watches videos in You Tube. She needs her own charger. I hope this charger will last longer for her Kindle Fire . We bought it at Wal-Mart.

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How to guarantee to receive the guitar on Christmas

Is your son or daughter a guitarist? Do you want to give yourself the best guitar on your wish list? Is the gibson 335 in their Christmas or holiday wish list? You can guarantee to receive it on or before Christmas. You can even do your reservation privately from this Website. The guitars look beautiful. I know that my summer babe will surely wants this guitar when she grows up and play the guitars like nothing. She is still learning how to play guitar.

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What is wrong with my Samsung camera

I just used two days ago. Now it will not turn on. I even charge it but still nothing happen. I love my Samsung camera. I bought it from a fellow blogger like me. It has been two years since I own it. I love this camera. I love the zoom function the most.

I told my hubby about my camera. He said he will buy me a new camera. I just need to wait for next week. He has no money as he bought the kids gifts for Christmas. My birthday is coming too. I do not need gifts from him. He already bought me a winter coat from Victoria’s Secret. He said it will be my other birthday gift.

I like this Canon camera that I saw at Best Buy. I hope to buy one before Christmas. I need to take photos of my kids while they open their gifts from Santa.

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How to dance like a professional

Do you watch Dancing With The Stars? I love that show. It is one of my favorite reality show. The professionals are very sexy. They are fun to watch on TV. I am sure that these professionals were in a humble beginning while learning how to dance. Most of them lives in Hollywood. I wonder if you live close to them. You can learn  dance lessons in LA and how lucky you are. I wish I could visit Hollywood someday and watch Dancing With The Stars live. I dream it for now and watch the show in TV.

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Best Buy is your best place to buy the Canon camera during the holidays

One of my wish list for Christmas is a new camera. I do have the two cameras but they are small. I want something big that is so powerful to shoot even in the farthest. I want a camera that I can zoom like a magic and still takes amazing pictures. I do love taking pictures especially with my kids.

 photo HolidayTree2014_27_zpsea40b444.jpg

Christmas is almost here. My kids were invited to attend two parties. I love celebrating Christmas especially for my kids to mingle with other kids during the holidays. I enjoy it the most since they have the fun with other kids. I just cannot wait and counting the days already.

 photo HOLIDAY_BBY_0_zpsbd24fa79.jpg

I am starting to buy the kids their Christmas gifts already. My son wants games that he can play on his Xbox. The little girl wants anything to do with Mine Craft. All I want is this Canon camera that I found in Best Buy.

 photo CanonHolidayImage_zpsadbac85d.jpg

Canon camera is on sale now for $899.99. You save $150 from its original price. This offer is valid from December 7th to the 20th. It comes with   Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera 18-135mm IS STM lens, Battery pack (LP-E8), battery charger (LC-E8E), Interface cable Camera cover (R-F-3), strap (EW-100DBIV), eyecup, EOS digital solution disc and the owner’s manual. I have a friend that uses Canon camera as well. She takes beautiful pictures all the time. I wish I could have this Canon camera too. Santa can you hear me, will you grant my Christmas wish?

 photo CanonHolidayImage2_zpsb7c3004b.jpg

Canon camera includes a lens that you can shoot any time of the day. You can capture any moments with this lens. It has 18.0 mega pixel which is perfect for the highest resolution you can ever want. This camera will capture light or dark perfectly. It does not matter if it is a fast motion. It still takes beautiful pictures like running or any sports play by your kids. It has 3.0″ Clear View II LCD Monitor which you can look at the photos right away after you take them. Optical viewfinder helps you frame the shot perfectly from near or far like a professional photographer. It has a live view to see before you take the real shots. It has optical image stabilization which you can control the shutter from low to fast. It has HDR (High Dynamic Range) which help you create multiple shots in one. It has Selectable scene modes to capture the right scene for your memories to capture. It has face-detection technology so everybody face is visible so no one is left out.  It has built-in flash features multiple modes for best lighting conditions, effects and even red-eye reduction. It has 7.5x optical zoom for you to take a picture from the farthest you can capture. It has Multi format memory card slot for you to use any types of cards that allow you to transfer your photos.

Canon is the best camera ever to own. You can only buy them at the best store that sells and that is Best Buy.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

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Bought new headphones for my kids

My son will start using iPad in his classroom. He told me that they need headphones. He asks me if I could buy him a new headphone to bring to school with him next week.

 photo headphones_zpsbbab23b6.jpg

We went to Big Lots and look for headphones. The little sister wants a new headphone too. I bought a black and pink color. The headphone works perfectly despite being cheap. They broke their old headphones. They really needed new headphones when they are using there Kindle or iPad so I could not listen to their noisy games.

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The Best Way Of Adding Music In Video Files Using The Advanced Software

As long as the background music is effective, people may have a passion for viewing the videos and that is why the professionals concentrate on adding music to their videos. Even the commercial advertisements have to be with proper music and if the videos do not have matching music, they may not produce expected results. Today, even the beginners are creating wonderful video programs, since they use the Movavi sound editing software. This is the best software for adding audio for the visual programs and the tool supports almost all file formats.

 photo 90439_zps6f1ef673.png

Advantages With The Sound Editor In Adding Music:

 Easy to install software and people can download from the company website

 Following the instructions is very easy, since all the instructions are with demonstrations and explanations

 Converting the sound files is very comfortable, when people use the software

 All required tools are available and it is not necessary to have editing experience

Usage Of Mobile Phones And Saving The Files:

In recent times, people prefer watching thrilling videos, through their favorite mobile phones and the mobile companies have produced hundreds of models of smart phones. However, it is not easy to download files in the mobiles, since they are with different technologies. At the same time, the Movavi has produced required tools for transferring files to all models mobile phones. Of course, when the videos are without classical music, they may not create the urge with the buyers. The product advertisements have to be impressive, with descriptions. When people listen to the product descriptions, they may get involved with the videos, only when they are in the special music background. Since it is simple to add music to video, people are not worried and they just use the software for editing the sound.

Different Systems In Music And Different Effects:

The music has worldwide popularity and the music lovers always watch videos with enhancing music. However, the editors are in need of reliable tools for adding music. People always depend on the Movavi software, since it is the easiest way to add music. The video programs are created to market products and the video makers have to be careful, with the background musical effects. Now, the software allows the editors to produce innovative visual programs, because of the availability of the advanced sound editing tool. Of course, this software developer has created the most effective tool for editing sound.

Synchronization Of Audio And Video:

The sound is always audible and peasing to the ears and the software takes care of the synchronization of audio and video. Removing unwated sound from the video files is simple and after deleting the sound, the editors add sound, according to the effects of the videos. Above all, people can download the software, just by visiting the official website and it is a very simple job. Most of the video makers and individuals use this sophisticated software for the professional editing and they produce the most beautiful videos, with real music.

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My scraper is broken

Yesterday I want to go to the library to return the movies that I borrowed. I want to go to the Post Office to buy stamps and mail a package for a friend. It was also very cold yesterday and snow a bit.  There is ice on the hood of my car and so as the back. My wiper does not work.

My scraper is in the trunk. It took me forever to get it out. The trunk will not open as it is covered with snow as ice. It was also bone chilling cold yesterday. The wind makes it worst. Finally I open the trunk and take the scraper out so I can use to scrape the ice and brush the snow on the hood. The scraper broke just when I needed it the most. I did clean the hood and went to my errands. I also went to the grocery store and bought a new scraper. I do not want to deal with the same problem. I know that it is still autumn. It feels winter already.

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Why do you want to buy LG OLED TV at Best Buy

Our old TV in the living room needs replacement. We have that TV for a while now. The reception is not very clear. It takes forever for the TV to turn on. My kids used that TV to play with their Xbox game. It still functioning but it is not great as it used to be. I do not want my kids to have an eye problem from watching that TV.

 photo LGOgledTV_zps5c16608a.jpg

My husband and I were at Best Buy couple weeks ago. We were looking for a card reader for our kids iPad. We were checking their TV while we are in the store. I notice this LG OLED TV and I really like it very much. I think it is the perfect TV for our living room. Why do I like this TV? I love the stunning design of LG OLED TV. It is only 0.21″ thick at its thinnest point. The picture quality is spectacular, with Infinite Contrast that ranges from the most blazing whites to the deepest blacks. I am sure that my kids feel like they are actually playing in their games. We know that LG’s exclusive 4 Color Pixel technology delivers bright, vibrant colors. We could use this TV to watch my kids old videos and reminisce the precious memories they have while they were little.

 photo LG_OLED_Infill_smallerfile2_zps5089c08d.jpg

I love that this TV shows deeper and richer colors, stunning contrast and ingeniously curved screens, LG is unlike any technology you’ve ever seen, and it delivers a picture that exceeds your wildest imagination. It has an infinite contrast ratio and stunning color. It delivers more natural and lifelike viewing. There is 4 Color Pixel technology which enhances color range and accuracy. It is super thin design which is perfect for any spot in any room. It works with faster with webOS as well.

 photo LG_UHD_smallerfile_zps72c260a6.jpg

I cannot wait to buy this LG OGLED TV at Best Buy and brings a new setting and enjoy family time while watching TV. How about you? Are you looking for a new TV that technology as it best gives you? Why not check LG OGLED TV? You can also check your local Best Buy as well.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

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